Academic Scholarships

Applications for academic scholarships for students entering Year 7, Year 9 or Year 11 in 2019 have now closed. Applications for academic scholarships starting in 2020 will open in Term 3 this year.

Full scholarships are given for exceptional academic students and partial scholarship values vary from approximately 10% to 50% of the annual tuition fees, provided the student adheres to the scholarship conditions. Scholarships are awarded by the Principal.

The value of the scholarship is at the Principal’s discretion. The Principal may take the family's ability to pay fees into account. Parents in this situation should flag this on their application before their child sits the examination. In such cases, family income information may be required to be conveyed confidentially to the Principal. Academic scholarships are open to both current BDC and non-enrolled students.

Successful scholarship applicants are selected according to test results gained through the Cooperative Scholarship Testing Program (CSTP), which is an annual program of scholarship testing used by approximately 150 independent schools across Australia to select academically gifted students for the award of a scholarship.

Bishop Druitt College offers scholarships at the following three levels:

Level 1

Designed for students in their final year of primary school for entry into NSW Year 7 in the following year.

Level 2

Designed for students in their second year of secondary school for entry into NSW Year 9 in the following year.

Level 3

Designed for students in Year 10 for entry into NSW Year 11 in the following year.

Applying for an Academic Scholarship

If you would like your child to take the test for a scholarship please apply by taking the registration link below and following the ACER CSTP registration procedure when applications open in Term 3 2018. 

Please take this link to register.

Academic scholarship tests

Testing for scholarships is held in February each year. The test begins at 9.00am and finishes at approximately 12.00pm. The fee for the scholarship test will be approximately $120.00. Students are requested to be at the college by 8.45am.

For more information about the tests please visit the ACER site:


Location of the tests

Bishop Druitt College
111 North Boambee Road
Coffs Harbour NSW 2450.

Other Scholarships

Please take this link for information about all scholarships offered at BDC.





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