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How do I best communicate my information on the topic?

Presenting is about communicating your understanding of the set topic clearly and concisely, according to the instructions you have been given. Usually you are asked to write an essay or report or give a presentation on the topic - the following four aspects are important:

  • The AUDIENCE - Who are you presenting your message to? What are their expectations regarding the amount, depth and type of information; about the type of language used and the quality of the finished product?
  • The MESSAGE - This is the core of what you want to say in your assignment. Present your information or state your point of view in a clear and logical manner. Present each of the main points in turn and if required, support what you are saying with evidence - facts, statistics, expert opinions, quotes etc.
  • The STRUCTURE - A successful assignment has been well organised and has a clear structure. Consider using sub headings and a contents page for longer assignments and reports. Create visual presentations that follow a logical sequence and contain relevant text, images, video and audio.
  • The MEDIUM - Follow assignment guidelines about your information product. If given some choice, use the most effective format for the type of information you are producing. Type your assignments on a computer, using margins and a clearly readable font. Consider when it may be effective to introduce different information presentation elements such as tables, graphs, diagrams and images. When handing in printed assignments always include a title page and staple your pages together.

    You could also consider using presentation tools like PowerPoint or web-based tools like GoogleApps and Prezi. Create visual presentations that engage your audience and follow a logical sequence that contains text, images, video and audio. When using a visual presentation as an aid to a speech, your text component should be point form only and used to emphasise your main ideas. Your images, video and audio should be brief and highly relevant to your topic.

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