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General encyclopedias
Subject encyclopedias
Subject dictionaries
Guides and handbooks

The best place to start your search. Helps to define terms, clarify the topic, get an overview and get a good base of fact. Provides keywords for further searching.

Print encyclopedias - look up keywords in the index volume.
Internet encyclopedias - use keyword and phrase searches. Read the 'search tips' available.


Information books
Biography section
ClickView online video collection
Maps and charts

The resources that give you greater depth and more detailed information.

Library catalogue - use subject term and keyword searches.
Browse the shelves - read the bay and shelf guides.
Book contents pages and indexes - look up keywords.


Newspapers and magazines in the periodicals section
Electric Library online resource
Issues in Society section
Internet journals available on the websites of local libraries and the State and National Libraries.

Excellent resource for current viewpoints, research, debates, issues and recent developments concerning your topic.

Electronic sources - use keyword and phrase searches.
Print sources - find these by using keyword and subject term searches in the library catalogue.


Suggested sites on assignments 
Library catalogue
Search engines

Good for up-to-the-minute coverage of topics. Access to information from government and educational sources worldwide. Need to check that sites are trustworthy.

Access to other library catalogues and resources.
Access search engines from the BDC Library web page - use keyword and phrase searching.
Use the search tips available on the BDC Library web page and online.

Also consider using:

  • Local libraries - both in the library and the e-resources available on their websites
  • State Library of NSW and National Library of Australia - extensive resources are available on their websites
  • Community information offices
  • Organisations and businesses

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