Select And Analyse

Which parts of the information located do I use?

The selecting step is about choosing the most relevant and important parts of what you read and noting them down concisely.

  • Check your topic plan and look for information which relates to the individual parts of your topic.
  • Analyse the information you have found to check that it is relevant and useful for the assignment.
  • Make notes from several sources of information in an information file or task scaffold that is divided up into the sections of the task identified in your topic plan. Use a subheading for each section in your final report or presentation.
  • Add to your topic plan as you read and discover more about the topic. This will help you to cover all the essential aspects of the topic well and will assist you to structure your assignment.

The SELECTING step - some strategies

The SQ3R method:

  • SKIM the books, chapters and articles you find.
  • QUESTION if it relates to the who, what, when, where, how, which and why of the set topic.
  • READ the sections that appear to be valuable more closely.
  • RECORD the core of the relevant parts in note form. Write down the details of each resource as you use it - this helps you to complete your full bibliography later.
  • REVISE by rereading the notes you have made. You will start to understand the topic better, see how the information is structured and determine what parts are important to your task.

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