The mission of the Chaplaincy is to promote the traditions of the Anglican Church of Australia as set out by our college vision and values statement and to develop the spiritual life of all parents, students and staff in the college community.

The Chaplain is available to help and serve you during your time at school. The Chaplaincy seeks to be a place of welcome and hospitality for all members of the Bishop Druitt College community. We will be glad to assist you any way that we can and you will always find a friendly listening ear.

To those who seek our guidance we offer spiritual direction, sacramental ministry and clinical pastoral education (CPE). The Chaplaincy seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Christian faith and spirituality in the life of the college. Students, parents and staff are welcome to access the Chaplain at any time of the day or night.

We also prepare individuals for adult baptism, eucharist, confirmation and marriage, according to the rites of the Anglican Church of Australia. We will direct you where possible to your local parish centre to connect with the faith community in your local area – if this is your desire.

Services in the College Chapel

Chapel services for Kindergarten to Year 12 occur on a fortnightly cycle. Each chapel service brings a message that is reflective and hopefully challenging to the student. The format of these services is theme based and generally engages the student to look at who and what is important in their lives and in the life of those around them. Each chapel service invites the student to hear the scriptures, to pray for each other and those in our world and to grow in their spiritual awareness as human beings.

All parents, students and staff are warmly invited to take part in the various services that are arranged during the course of the academic year, including Easter and Christmas services.

You are also most welcome to join us on Wednesday mornings from 7.45 am - 8.15am for a service of Holy Communion.

Reverend Naomi Cooke





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We embrace the example of Jesus and the teaching of the Gospel, especially in relation to faith, hope, love, forgiveness, justice and freedom.