College Council - Expressions of Interest

Step One – What are we looking for?

See the Bishop Druitt College Council‘s Commitment and involvement document

Step Two – How do we recruit for prospective candidates?

•  We document Step One for each vacant position.

• We seek individuals firstly from persons suggested by the council and secondly, according to the vacancy:

- Anglican – via the College Newsletter and parishes in our catchment area.
- Community – via the local paper.
- Parent – via the College Newsletter. 

Step Three – The Application Process

• Application – candidates are directed to the council area of the college website to:

- Read about the requirements of a council member.
- Complete an application/expression of interest.

•  Orientation – shortlisted candidates are invited to visit the college and watch an online orientation video or meet with the Principal and governance representative.

•  Invitation – shortlisted candidates, who after completing the orientation are still willing to be a council member, are invited to attend a meeting with the Governance Committee.

•  Candidates are invited to attend the BDC Council to meet the other members.

Step Four – Application to Bishop in Council

The successful candidate attends the next council meeting and their application approval is sought from the Bishop in Council.





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