Bishop Druitt College - Coffs Computing Partnership

Device Purchase Plan

We have been very fortunate to have formed a partnership with Coffs Computers around our bring your own device (BYOD) program for students in Years 7-12. Coffs Computers will sell devices suitable for this program at a very competitive price to members of the BDC community through an online shop front.

Parents/carers will be able to choose their child's year group and purchase the stage requirements for that year based on the list that the college has provided. Coffs Computers will then organise delivery or collection in store with you directly. Computers will be ready for the 2020 school year.

The benefits of buying from the online portal with Coffs Computers are:

  • Appropriate devices tailored for the student’s needs - a range of products from a number of vendors based on their appropriateness within the Bishop Druitt College environment.
  • Refurbished - the inclusion of a certified refurbished option (inclusive of warranty) meeting or exceeding the minimum technical requirements of Bishop Druitt College.
  • Servicing and hot swaps - Coffs Computers will provide both a warranty and non-warranty service for all products sold. Inclusive of our partnership, they will be able to provide a number of hot-swap devices to minimise any downtime for the student in the event the unit is offsite for repair.
  • BYOD buy backs - Coffs Computers have launched a BYOD buyback offer. This provides parents with an option to upgrade their existing technology towards the purchase of the latest or multiple devices. 

Accessing the Device Purchasing Portal

To access the BDC purchasing portal click the following link and then click on the text below the BDC logo and enter the password BYOD. Please click here for further instructions and help in using the portal. 

Please note that parents and carers are not required to purchase from this portal, and may decide to purchase a device from a vendor of their own choosing.





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