Employment / Volunteering

The aim of Bishop Druitt College is to be the outstanding college on the North Coast of New South Wales. The college is the product of the vision of a community - to build a college with access to all who want their children to achieve the highest standard of education and behaviour.

Bishop Druitt College is founded on faith. The Christian ethos is present in its caring philosophy and its concern to produce educated leadership. The college is a community college in the sense that its doors are open to all, whatever their personal belief system, as long as they are sympathetic to the college’s Christian foundation.

Staff members are required to participate willingly in the running of the extensive co-curriculum of the college in areas such as sport, their faculty or stage, community service or clubs and to take leadership in the pastoral care of a group of students. Candidates may be required to take part in one of the year level camps that are a normal part of the college’s outdoor education program.

Applicants should be vibrant, professional and dedicated people who are capable of inspiring and encouraging students of varying abilities both inside and outside the classroom.

Bishop Druitt College Staff members are supplied with laptop computers and are expected to be competent in computer skills. The use of email is prevalent and reporting is computerised. Child protection legislation requires preferred applicants be subject to employment screening.

You will not be permitted to perform any paid or unpaid work without a current Working with children check. Please obtain your certificate prior to application.

CASUAL TEACHING - Primary and/or Secondary

To send us your resume for casual teaching please email hr@bdc.nsw.edu.au. Please indicate in your email if you are seeking casual teaching with primary, secondary or both. We will contact you for further information.

VOLUNTEERING - Primary and/or Secondary

To register for volunteer work please complete and submit the online form. We will contact you for further information.


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