The Bishop Druitt College Council

Bishop Druitt College is an Anglican School. The College Council provides governance, guardianship and strategic advice to the Principal for the effective management of the college and its future. Bishop Druitt College is one of five Anglican Schools in the Diocese of Grafton (NSW).

Council members bring expertise from teaching, business, law, technology, building services, health, human resources, finance, and the Church. They give generously of their time, knowledge and wisdom in support of the college and the Principal.

In consultation with the Principal, the College Council’s role is to:

  • establish, evaluate and uphold the vision and values of the college
  • develop policies and strategies consistent with these
  • protect and enhance the school’s financial viability, making provision for the resources necessary to implement the policies and strategies of the college.

Welcome from The College Council Chair

Bishop Druitt College is a co-educational, Kindergarten to Year 12 school fostering among its pupils, staff and parents a Christian lifestyle according to the teaching and traditions of the Anglican Church of Australia. It seeks to promote integrity, respect for the truth, scholarly excellence and physical fitness, and welcomes pupils of all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The college is owned and governed by the incorporated Bishop Druitt College Council, the members of which are appointed by the Bishop in Council of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton.

If your child is accepted for enrolment at the college both the child and you become valued members of the college community for a period perhaps as long as thirteen years. During this time the Principal and staff will work assiduously to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for your child, but will need and will rely upon your continued support in order to do so. The relationship between home and school is vitally important for your child to reach their potential.

At Bishop Druitt College we are well aware of the very great responsibility we have, should you as parents entrust the education of your child to us. We seek to provide a broad education and a high level of excellence in all areas - one that enables students when they leave the college to assimilate readily into the community, whether in employment or in tertiary education, as mature, confident young adults of whom both you and we can be justly proud.

Mr David Ford

College Council Chair

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