The duty of any Christian is to be socially conscious to the wider community in which they live and to the world. In doing this, we grow and become better people by contributing at any age to the well-being of our fellow brothers and sisters in our community and beyond.

The Five Marks of Mission:

  • Witness to Christ's saving, forgiving and reconciling love for all people
  • Build welcoming, transforming communities of faith
  • Stand in solidarity with the poor and the needy
  • Challenge injustice and oppression
  • Protect, care for and renew life on our planet

In an education setting, social justice principles teach us to realise that we are indeed blessed and can indeed share our resources with those less fortunate than ourselves. Scripture teaches us to do so, and so we here at Bishop Druitt College engage our students, their families and teachers to provide for others.

If you would like to know more about any of the programs outlined below please contact the Chaplain.

Anglican Board of Mission

The college community is involved in raising funds to support ABM through emergency relief and by assisting community development projects throughout the world. Empathy for others is one of the great Christian virtues. In our actions of kindness and consoling those around us we live the message of Christ. In helping others who are experiencing difficulties we become more Christlike.

St John's Anglican Church OP Shop

The college provides 50 students (and a dozen parents and staff) who volunteer their time each Saturday morning to work at the St John's Anglicare Op Shop. Not only does their time and effort add to the mission of fundraising at St John's, but it also opens to these students whole new worlds as they engage in the business of the shop and meet people from varied backgrounds in the local community. See the OP Shop Blog for information and a roster of workers.

Toys ‘n Tucker Christmas Appeal

Each year, in partnership with Anglicare, the college community participates in the collection of gifts, food and other items for the Anglicare Christmas Appeal. Every year level in Bishop Druitt College participates in meeting the needs of this event.

Sunrise Children's Village Cambodia

This has been a significant recipient of Year 12 fundraising activities since 2004. There are currently two orphanages in Cambodia - one in Phnom Penh and the second in Siem Reap - and they have been given land by the government to set up a third at Sihanoukville.

As well as donating money we have welcomed the President, Geraldine Cox, to the college on two occasions to speak to students and the wider community. Links have also been made through visits to the orphanage on the annual Year 11 Vietnam/Cambodia cultural trip.

Tabitha Foundation

Since 2007, Year 12 and the staff of the college have donated money to Tabitha Foundation. This organisation has a number of programs in Cambodia, but the one that we have donated to is house building. This ties into our Year 11 cultural trip, as we spend time building houses for some of the most impoverished families in Cambodia. The college has successfully raised in excess of $20,000 each year over the past few years, which has allowed our students and staff to build about 20 houses each trip.

Local Fundraising Recipients

A commitment has been made by Year 12 to give part of their fundraising money to a local charity. In recent  years funds have been given to Telstra Childflight and the Childflight - Westpac Rescue Helicopter.





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Service is the practical expression of our Christian belief.