Pastoral Care

‘In everything do to others as you would have them do to you; for this sums up the law and the prophets'. Matthew 7.12


Pastoral care is central to the total school environment at Bishop Druitt College. Therefore, pastoral care at Bishop Druitt College addresses the diverse needs of the community - emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Pastoral care is integral to the Bishop Druitt College community where everyone has the right to be safe, to learn and to be respected and treated with dignity.

Pastoral care is the practical expression of the Gospel message within the school community. It provides for a nurturing and secure environment.

Belief Statements

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We believe that pastoral care:

  • Embraces the example of Jesus and the teaching of the Gospel, especially in relation to faith, hope, love, forgiveness, justice and freedom.
  • Promotes the dignity of the human person and the value of human life within a harmonious multicultural society.
  • Provides opportunities for positive relationships and interactions within the school community, through both the formal and informal curriculum.
  • Promotes a holistic approach to quality teaching and learning, in ways that foster the dignity, self-esteem and integrity of each person.
  • Reflects the love of God by caring for those within the school community, especially those experiencing disadvantage.
  • Makes provision for positive teaching/learning management policies, school rules and sanctions that will promote the good order of the school community, with a positive attitude to just and fair treatment for all members of the community.
  • Maintains a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where members of the school community are recognised and affirmed.
  • Is the shared responsibility of every person in the community.
  • Contributes to students recognising that their fundamental freedoms and rights are reciprocated by responsibilities.
  • Aims to ensure that students' needs are responded to with increasing sensitivity. Also to ensure that the meeting of needs is not affected by differences brought about by factors such as socioeconomic status, gender, ethnic origin, race or disability.
  • Provides for the celebration and affirmation of individual qualities and differences. It promotes an awareness of the individual needs and learning styles of community members.

Staff Involved in Pastoral Care

  • The Principal has overall responsibility for staff and student pastoral care in the college and is the Child Protection Officer.
  • There is an Assistant Principal (Head of Primary) and Assistant Principal (Head of Secondary).
  • The Director of Pastoral Care has day to day responsibility for pastoral care in both the Primary and Secondary.
  • The Chaplain and Assistant Chaplain, together with the Principal, have oversight of the spiritual development and sacramental care in the college.
  • There are three counsellors.
  • Each teacher in the school has responsibility for pastoral care and is supported in the Primary School by junior and senior coordinators, while in the Secondary School are supported by year coordinators, assistant year coordinators and tutors.

Pastoral Care in the Primary School

Pastoral care aims to provide a supportive and caring environment where students can reach their intellectual, spiritual, physical, emotional and social potential and become independent and interdependent members of the community, able to contribute to a wide range of activities.

We aim to develop students who have high self esteem, are responsible, are capable of making sensible, informed choices, and who can recognise their fundamental rights and responsibilities. Our key rights and responsibilities aim to assist each student in the Primary School to come to a better understanding of what it means to show respect for all. We understand that every child has the right to:

  • Be treated fairly and with respect
  • Be themselves
  • Be safe and be heard
  • Learn
  • Have fun and enjoy school
  • Be proud of Bishop Druitt College

Pastoral Care in the Middle School

The aim of the Middle School at Bishop Druitt College is to create an educational environment that caters specifically for the needs of our young adolescents. Year 7 to Year 9 students undergo a significant change from the relative safety and structure of childhood. Recognising and responding to the unique physical, cognitive, hormonal, emotional, social and moral changes that all students experience during the ‘middle years’ will be the foundation that underpins transitional and transformational change. Empowering students within a caring and supportive learning environment with a dynamic curriculum that engages, connects, inspires, challenges and enthuses will ultimately place them in a position to face the challenges of Senior School with optimism, confidence, resilience, vigour and enjoyment.

We focus on:

  • Learning - Developing curriculum that engages, connects, challenges and enthuses students. Setting high expectations, recognising the importance of differentiation  and embracing new technologies.
  • Service - Being socially conscious, sharing our talents and resources and making a contribution to our community.
  • Leadership - Making a positive difference in the lives of others, being role models for younger students and developing decision-making skills.
  • Life - Developing faith, optimism and resilience and building strong, honest relationships.

 Pastoral Care in the Senior School

Our aim is to create a learning environment that allows for academic success based on the holistic wellbeing of our students. The Senior School provides the opportunity for each student to develop and fulfil their potential – academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  This should be experienced in the context of feeling connected to the college community by full participation in the range of group environments and pursuing the leadership opportunities offered by the college. In this way, senior students exert a strong influence on the growth of a very positive student culture at the college.

We focus on:

  • Learning - Building the skills and motivation required for successful lifelong learning. Creating opportunity and making informed choices for post-school options.
  • Service - Caring for eachother and developing a sense of integrity, global identity and responsibility. Valuing college culture and creating new service 'traditions'.
  • Leadership - Taking responsibility for decision making and for our actions. Being a positive role model and applying our skills and energy in effective ways for the benefit of our community.
  • Life - Building stonger faith, optimism, humility and resilience, and pursuing a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

 The College House System in Secondary

The college house system is the primary way that students receive pastoral support. It is designed to provide equal opportunities through a caring environment. The individual is valued and supported through mutual respect and encouragement by direct contact on a regular basis with a tutor. This tutor is a point of contact, support and encouragement during the students' time in the Secondary school. Tutors are in turn supported by heads of house.

  • Year coordinators and assistant year coordinators are appointed to monitor pastoral care and academic progress (with the assistance of the heads of faculty).
  • The heads of house have delegated responsibility for students in the colleges' six houses in Years 7-12 and meet regularly with their tutor teams.
  • The year coordinators meet regularly with the heads of house, Director of Pastoral Care, chaplaincy, the counselling team and the Assistant Principal (Head of Secondary).
  • The majority of teaching staff are tutors and liaise with parents when required.





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Pastoral care is integral to the Bishop Druitt College community where everyone has the right to be safe, to learn and to be respected and treated with dignity.