Quick plagiarism checklist

To help you to avoid plagiarism run through this quick checklist as you prepare your research assignment.

In my assignment have I:

  • Analysed the information I collected, selected just the most relevant parts and interpreted information in terms of the task?
  • Consulted a variety of information resource types and combined my understanding of the most relevant points from several sources in my own words?
  • Addressed the specific parts of the set task and not just included information that seems related to the topic?
  • Provided my own analysis, judgements, arguments, evidence and examples as the task required?
  • Expressed all the points that I made in my own words and avoided copying any information or taking information and just changing a few words? Did I reference any quotes, images or diagrams that I included?
  • Included a bibliography containing the details of all the resources I consulted that influenced my ideas on the set task?





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