Information Presentation Tools

This page features a selection of free online tools that allow you to create engaging presentations. You can easily deliver your presentation in class and share your information with others via a web link.

All the presentation creation tools and the files you produce are stored on the web, so you can access them from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Most of these sites require you set up a free account using your school email address/username and to create a password.

  • GoogleDocs for creating documents with text, images and links.
  • GoogleSlides for creating a series of slides that can contain text, images, video and links.
  • GoogleSites for creating websites.
PreziCreate an information pathway that zooms in on content such as text, images and video. Create a free, private 'edu account' by taking this link. 
EmazeCreate engaging slide presentations with eye catching transitions.
AnimotoCreate videos using your images, video clips and voiceover.
GlogsterCreate dynamic posters that combine text, images, video and audio.
Screencast-O-MaticCreate screencast videos that show what is happening on your desktop. Show text, images, video, and websites with your voiceover.
PoppletCreate concept maps, galleries and poster presentations.
InfogramCreate infographics that display information in a wide variety of graphical formats. You can also enter your own data to produce charts and graphs.
PixlrPixlr is a very handy and quite powerful image editing tool. You can resize, crop, rotate and enhance images then insert them into your presentations. 
Haiku DeckCreate slide presentations and visual stories that you can share in many ways with this simple and useful tool.
ThingLinkThingLink is a handy web tool that allows you to create interactive images online. The images you create come alive when you add text, videos, music and links.
CanvaCanva is a great tool for creating posters and brochures. It has lots of icons, images and fonts to help you to create a memorable presentation.
FotorFotor is a handy tool for adding text to images. is a simple tool for creating drawings and saving them as image files.
KahootKahoot is a game-based learning tool that allows you to create interactive quizzes.
WixWix is a free website building tool with some great features.
PowtoonPowtoon is a tool that allows you to create animated videos and presentations.
VismeGreat tool for creating infographics, including timelines.






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