The BDC Philosophy of Sport

Sport plays a central role in the college’s mission to support and nurture students with diverse needs and to create dynamic, caring and optimistic individuals.

Involvement in sport develops students’ confidence and resilience through physical, technical and mental stimulus, and provides exposure to teamwork and leadership opportunities.  Sport at Bishop Druitt College encourages openness, respect, inclusivity and enjoyment, and promotes positive health choices, self and social awareness, and leadership.

At the core of our sport program is participation, with every student involved in sport at Bishop Druitt College.  In the primary school all students participate in a compulsory PDHPE program.  For Stage 1 (Kindergarten, Year 1 and 2) sport occurs on Wednesday afternoon and the focus of this program is to develop skills and a positive attitude to physical activity.  For students in Stages 2 and 3 sport occurs on Friday and the focus is the ongoing development of skills and attitude. Primary students also engage in regular PE sessions throughout the week.

In the secondary school all students in Years 7 to 10 complete a compulsory PDHPE program in accordance with the guidelines as set out by the NSW Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES).  All students in Years 7 to 10 also participate in a sport program on Monday which is separate, yet supports the development of skills from PDHPE.  Students in Years 7 to 8 have set sports with some opportunity to select sports they wish to be involved in on Mondays.  The range of sports available to students increases in Years 9 and 10.  These programs are compulsory and any costs involved for student participation are charged to parents via the Parent Lounge.

Opportunity to engage in competitive sport in the primary school is ensured for all students through the inter-house competitions in scatterball, handball and soccer, which take place throughout the year during lunch times.

Bishop Druitt College is a member school of the North Coast Independent Schools (NCIS) association for inter-school sporting competitions.  Participation in these competitions is decided in a number of ways.  Students for many of the sports including swimming, athletics and cross country are selected after successful performance in the relevant school carnival.  

Opportunities to enjoy sport and to develop skills, sportsmanship and team spirit are enhanced by the involvement of qualified development officers and coaching staff for a variety of sports.  College teams participate in local, regional and state-wide competitions, and talented students have access to representative pathways within the Combined Independent Schools’ (CIS) framework.  Students’ behaviour and attitude at school will also be considered when allowing them to represent Bishop Druitt College in sporting activities.  A student who has a recent history of poor behaviour, unexplained absences, or incomplete academic work will not be allowed to represent the college.

Playing representative sport is a choice made by the students and parents of the college.  As such, parents agree to the charges that will be incurred if their child is selected for and competes in representative sports. Representative sport includes, local, inter-school, regional, state and national competitions.

Core Sports

While the college wishes to see active sporting involvement from our students, there is a limit to what the college can support or resource in any year. With that in mind, these core sports are supported. Where possible, one of the sports administrators and the assigned teacher coach will attend games in course of seasons for: 

  • Basketball
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Netball
  • Swimming
  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Shooting
  • Cross Country
  • Cricket
  • Touch Football
  • Tennis
  • Triathlon
  • Golf
  • AFL
  • Hockey

From time to time, games between BDC and other schools on a home and away basis may be organised in preparation for pathway sports. Occasionally, BDC will host other touring schools. BDC will support student participation in these events.

Additionally, the college supports student participation in the following sports, but does not provide teachers to staff their participation during school terms. 

  • Surfing
  • Equestrian
  • Rowing
  • Squash

Notwithstanding the college’s commitment to support student participation in sport, there are a number of days / weeks on the school calendar that are quarantined for academic focus. No sporting participation outside of internal school sport will be allowed at these times. These days/weeks will be listed in the school calendar.


  • Students will be selected on merit. Selection for team sport to represent BDC will depend on the level of interest from students.  
  • If there are more students who express an interest in a sporting team than places available, trials will be run and the most competitive team will be chosen by the staff member involved, based on the students’ performance at those trials.
  • These trials will be publicised well in advance of the competition.
  • Students who do not attend trials for a particular team without exemption by the coach will not be considered for the team.


  • The sports administrators are responsible for publishing information regarding sporting events.
  • The TASS Parent Lounge will be the portal through which information, permission and payment for sporting events will be administered. PAPER PERMISSION NOTES ARE NO LONGER ISSUED OR ACCEPTED.
  • Students who have not had permission granted by parents or carers through the Parent Lounge to attend an activity at least 24 hours before an event will not be allowed to participate.
  • Under no circumstances will students be allowed to participate in an event without this process having been followed. 


  • Students must travel to their competition in either BDC sport uniform, or their school uniform.
  • Team uniforms cannot be ordered or purchased without the express permission of the Principal.

Student behaviour

  • BDC rules and regulations regarding student behaviour apply to students when representing BDC in sporting events.
  • Good sportsmanship is expected.

Expectations of spectators

  • BDC students participate in school competitions as school students. That is the context in which the school competes.
  • In all sports there will occasionally be decisions made that we might wish to contest. Spectators are expected to allow those contentious matters to be handled by the relevant coach or the sports administrators.
  • Criticisms of other teams, coaches, individuals, or officials are unwelcome and contrary to the BDC philosophy of sport. 

Travel and Costs 

  • Selected BDC teams will travel together to competitions.
  • It is possible for students such as NCIS Swimming or Cross Country to travel with their parents.
  • With equity in mind, a standard charge will be levied for all students attending NCIS events whether they travel with their parents or on a school bus and share team accommodation.
  • In 2017 this charge will be $60.  

The Awarding of Championship Points to Individuals 

Sports Champion of the Year awards exist in primary and secondary. The Sports Champions of the Year, one male and one female, will be announced at the annual college presentation days for primary and secondary. Points are awarded for age champion (5), runner-up age champion (4) and for any students that have qualified (2) for the next level of competition in swimming, cross country and athletics. Bonus points will be awarded to students who have been selected through the college pathway (school sports) into NSWCIS (10), state (10) or national (20) team sports. 

In both the primary and secondary schools, championship points for the three major carnivals will be awarded according to the NSWCIS guidelines. 'If two competitors finish on equal points for champion or runners up then both are awarded the title.’ 

Further Representative Honours 

  • If a student is selected to progress to CIS, for example, all costs to attend these events, including registration, are borne by parents.
  • Parents may apply to the Principal to have CIS participation levies refunded.
  • Students who progress to further honours such as state (representing NSW) or national (representing Australia) may apply to the Principal for financial assistance to support this representation. These claims are retrospective. Limited support is offered. A Financial assistance application for representative honours form is available for this purpose.






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