Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the foremost college on the North Coast of New South Wales. To build a college with access to all who want their children to achieve the highest standard of education and one that is founded on faith.

Strategic Intent (Teaching and Learning)

Bishop Druitt College is a learning community intent on developing resilience, resourcefulness, reflective practice and collaboration.

Our Values

Our Anglican Foundation

Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, service, compassion, tolerance, hope and faithfulness.


A dynamic ethos, endeavour, passion, commitment, creativity, innovation, integrity and wisdom.

Our Community

Trust, respect, the individual, our environment, an outward looking perspective and relationships.

Our Anglican Foundation


We seek to create optimism. We believe in people and our capacity to make a difference. Made in God’s image, we are invited to be active participants in our world. We encourage our students to explore life’s possibilities and develop an open and positive outlook on the future.


In valuing tradition we value wisdom from the past. We continue to build our spiritual life on Anglican traditions. Our term services, chapel services, devotions, prayer and reflection are all part of this legacy. Our college traditions encourage a sense of belonging and participation for all members of our college community.


We seek to be a welcoming community to people of all backgrounds. We accept the challenge of ensuring that all members of the college community are heard, seen, valued and have opportunities to participate fully in the life of our community.


Service is the practical expression of our beliefs. It is seen in the volunteer work undertaken by students in the community and the staff dedication to meeting students’ needs and aspirations. It is seen in our support for social justice locally and globally.


Empathy for others is one of the great Christian virtues. In our actions of kindness and consoling those around us we live the message of Christ. In helping others who are experiencing difficulties we become more Christlike.


We value diversity and the richness of human experience. Our Anglican foundations encourage us to respect other religious traditions and different views of life.


Our Christian faith tells us the deepest truth about life: that there is always hope. Hope is an important ingredient in our lives and it is often born of struggle. We live toward hope.


Our college motto is 'Faithfulness in service'. We recognise that we are faithfully cared for by God and that we are called to faithfully serve each other.


Dynamic Ethos

We continually challenge ourselves to create a learning environment that responds to our world through new programs, initiatives and ideas. We must aim to maintain the quality of our staff and facilities. We must embrace the challenge of change to avoid stagnation.


We value a strong work ethic, one that promotes the resilience and commitment needed to meet worthy goals. It is in sustained effort that we develop the strength of character essential to success. Independent and self directed learning is a cherished goal of the college.


Passion motivates, enlightens and enriches our endeavours and provides meaning to our lives. We provide opportunities for all members of the college community to excel. These opportunities allow us to showcase the talents and abilities of students and staff.


It is in our commitment to each other and our vocations that we can shape a robust learning environment. When we walk the “extra mile” with and for others we are transformed and our community is enriched.


The college has a rich tradition of supporting creativity in learning. Access to the creative and performing arts nurtures our students’ self-expression. We encourage meeting challenges in creative and imaginative ways. We value these challenges as opportunities for learning.


We are open to new ideas. We examine new approaches and technologies in our quest to support quality learning. We accept the challenge to remain at the forefront of valid educational change.


Quality education requires integrity in process and approach. This demands high levels of professionalism by staff and an acceptance by students of their role and responsibilities in maintaining the quality of the learning environment.


Wisdom emerges from recognising our strengths and weaknesses. It is the highest expression of our learning, it guides our decision making and helps us discern truth and meaning.

Our Community


Trust underpins the success of all that we do and the quality of our relationships. It is a truly reciprocal virtue. We must trust our colleagues, our teachers, our parents and our friends and in turn be worthy of trust. It is through trust that co-operation and collegiality are nurtured and our community is built.


Respect for the rights and property of the community is essential to the health of our school. All community members are entitled to be honoured for who they are and what they offer. All community members are entitled to respect but also need to respect the rights of others.

The Individual

The college maintains a balance between individual and community needs. We encourage expression of ideas and celebrate individual achievement, while ensuring a continued sense of belonging. The college community aims to protect and support the uniqueness of the individual.


The foundation of a community lies in the quality of its relationships. We build networks of support to create a climate of caring and nurturing.


We are blessed by the beauty of our surroundings. We promote an understanding of the importance of the natural world. The college enjoys a healthy, safe and clean built environment that we must all try to care for and maintain.

Outward Looking

We facilitate and support our students’ participation in a wide range of experiences outside the college. This enables them to develop an understanding of the world at large and the importance of contributing to their broader communities.





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