Visual Presentations

Need to give a class presentation that requires the use of a visual aid such as a slideshow, Prezi, etc? Here are some tips to help you to create a successful visual presentation.

  • Start with a title slide that clearly shows the subject of your presentation.
  • Include a slide that lists the main sections of information you are going to focus on in your presentation.
  • Make sure that the slide at the start of each section has the name of the section - or include the section name as a header/footer on each slide in that section.
  • When using text, write the main dot points only on the slide. Do not write sentences and blocks of text and certainly do not read your slides during the presentation. The slides are there simply to reinforce your main points. Have a good knowledge of your topic so you can talk without reading slides, but use the slides as a reminder of what you want to say.
  • Use an easily read font that is large enough to be seen at the back of the room. Be consistent in your use of the chosen font, the sizes you use for titles and dot points, and the colour.
  • If using a background, choose something simple that does not make it hard to read the text and apply it consistently to your slides.
  • Use highly relevant images, tables, graphs, maps, diagrams etc. but usually only one of these per slide. Visual representations of information have more impact on your audience than text. If using video keep it short and relevant.
  • If you are presenting an argument, summarise your main points at the end and include a succinct conclusion on your last slide.





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