Working with images in Google Slides

Follow these steps to find, save and work with images in Google Slides:

Finding, copying and pasting an image into Google Slides
  • Search on your topic in Google and click the ‘images’ tab when you get your results.
  • Point the cursor at an image to see the size in pixels. Images at least 1000 pixels wide are good for using in Google Slides.
  • Click on the image you would like to use to open the Google image viewer:

  • Right click on the large image and select ‘copy’.
  • Open Google Slides, insert a new slide then paste your image onto the slide by right clicking and choosing ‘paste’ or by using 'paste' in the edit menu.
  • Resize your image to suit the size of the slide by dragging a corner diagonally.
Annotating your image
  • Click on the insert menu and choose ‘text box’ then click in your image where you would like the box and drag diagonally to create the best size box.
  • Type your comments inside the textbox, using the tools under the top menus to adjust font type, size, colour and the background colour of your text box.
  • Add an arrow to identify the relevant part of the image by clicking on the insert menu and choosing ‘line’ then moving across to ‘arrow’ or use 'shape' and move across to 'arrow'.
  • Use the ‘format options’ and other tools to change the look, colour and size of your arrow.


  • Use the tools to make your annotations stand out.





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