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Library & Information Services

Bishop Druitt College Information Services encompasses the resources, services and facilities offered by the library, and the online resources that are made available via the college website and the BDC eLearning site. Our library and its associated information services aim to underpin resource-based teaching and learning in Bishop Druitt College from K-12 and to promote literacy and a love of reading, information skills and independent learning.

'Our library and its associated information services aim to underpin resource-based teaching and learning from K-12 and to promote literacy and a love of reading, information skills and independent learning.'
We provide resources and a comfortable environment for:

Research - especially to find information needed for assignments and also to broaden and deepen understanding of class topics

  • Reading for pleasure and building literacy skills
  • Personal development
  • Recreation
  • Independent and collaborative study

The library can also provide assistance with information skills, assignment preparation, internet use, digital video editing and a range of other software applications. 

Our resources and facilities include:
  • A large collection of fiction and information books for research and recreational reading
  • Periodicals for interest, information, issues and current affairs
  • ClickView online educational video files
  • Computers for access to files, preparation of assignments, internet, multimedia and editing digital video and music
  • Areas for large and small class groups, collaborative study groups and individual reading and study
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Teacher resources and textbooks
  • Displays of students' work
Opening Times

You are most welcome to visit the library from 7.45 am - 4.30 pm, excluding morning recess, Monday to Thursday and 7.45 am - 4.00 pm on Fridays. 

Please be aware that staff meetings do occur on some Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Parents of younger students intending to stay in the library after school on these days are welcome to contact the library on 66515644 extension 214 to check staff supervision at these times. Year 10-12 students can work in the library until 6.00 pm.


Phone: 0266515644 ext. 207
Ask the librarian

Favourite Stories Read to You & eBooks

Story Box - primary students please see your class teacher for the login

Sora - please take the laptop link or download the app and use your normal BDC username and login to access ebooks

Ebook Links:

Sora ebooks on your laptopSora ebook app for IOSSora ebook app for AndroidProject Gutenberg website with over 60,000 free ebooks - mainly the classics of world literature

You might also enjoy the Project Gutenberg website that offers over 60,000 free ebooks - mainly the classics of world literature.

Term Planners for Years 7-12
'Independent learners can readily add to their core of knowledge and use information in creative and ethical ways.'
Term Assessment Planners

The links below provide access to the week-by-week term planner, the full subject-by-subject assessment schedule for the year and many other useful websites.


The Term Planners for Stage 5 now consolidate core subjects for Years 9 & 10, and World Options on one planner. 

Years 7-10 Planners & Assessment Schedules
Year 11 & 12 Planners & Assessment Schedules

These include links to full assessment schedules, study timetable templates, exam timetables, holiday work and workshops, and websites offering study and exam assistance. 

Assignment Assistance

Newspaper and Journal Articles
Read The Daily Newspaper Online

Available only while on the BDC campus. You can also search for articles from the last 3 years: 

Search Newspaper And Journal Article Databases
Video Resources
Community Links

Most local council websites publish a range of useful information about their local area and have online community information directories:

Student Computer Requirements
​Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bishop Druitt College has adopted a compulsory 'bring your own device' (BYOD) approach for students in Years 7-12. This approach enables students to bring suitable information and communication technologies to school to use in their learning. Students in Years 5 & 6 are encouraged to be part of the program as well. Parents of senior primary students wishing to bring their own device to school must read and complete the Primary BYOD policy & contract listed in the policy links below.

The computer specifications sheet available from the link below provides guidance about the different types of ICT devices available and their suitability for learning at school. This sheet will assist parents to make the best choice of device for their students. There is also a list of typical questions that parents might have about BYOD and their answers.

Research and discussion regarding the types of devices that are best suited for learning in the secondary campus indicate laptops to be the most suitable device for high school. Parents and carers may wish to keep this in mind when purchasing computer devices for Christmas and birthdays in the future.

Access to the Bishop Druitt College ICT network and the internet using BYOD can greatly enhance learning, as well as demand some responsibilities. Students are expected to use these ICT facilities only for educational purposes and to behave in a responsible manner when working online. Please see the policies below for more information:

Computer Device Purchase Plan

We have been very fortunate to have formed a partnership with Coffs Computers around our ' bring your own device' (BYOD) program for students in Years 7 - 12. Coffs Computers will sell devices suitable for this program at a very competitive price to members of the BDC community through an online shop front.

Parents/carers will be able to choose their child's year group and purchase the stage requirements for that year based on the list that the college has provided. Coffs Computers will then organise delivery or collection in store with you directly. Please purchase required devices early, so that they are ready for the start of the school year.

The benefits of buying from the online portal with Coffs Computers are:

  • Appropriate devices tailored for the student’s needs - a range of products from a number of vendors based on their appropriateness within the Bishop Druitt College environment.
  • Refurbished - the inclusion of a certified refurbished option (inclusive of warranty) meeting or exceeding the minimum technical requirements of Bishop Druitt College.
  • Servicing and hot swaps - Coffs Computers will provide both warranty and non-warranty service for all products sold. Inclusive of our partnership, they will be able to provide a number of hot-swap devices to minimise any downtime for the student in the event the unit is off site for repair.
  • BYOD buy backs - Coffs Computers have launched a BYOD buy back offer. This provides parents with an attractive option to upgrade their existing technology and purchase the latest device.
Accessing The Device Purchasing Portal

To access the BDC computer purchasing portal please take the red link below and then click on the text below the BDC logo and enter the password BYOD. Please click the blue link below for further instructions and help in using the portal. 

Please note that parents and carers are not required to purchase from this portal, and may decide to purchase a device from a vendor of their own choosing.