High Performance Programs

'Our high performance programs will support students to meet their true potential and enable them follow their dreams.'

The High Performance Program

Bishop Druitt College endeavours to transform student lives and to develop students who are world prepared. We envision that the High Performance Program will support students to meet their true potential and enable them to follow their dreams.

The program is designed to be supportive, flexible and responsive to individual student needs, and will help provide our students who are at elite levels in performance, composing, dance and sports to continue to strive at the highest level.

Students will benefit from a series of master classes and will be connected with our new coordinator and mentor, Nat Titcume, the three-time Olympic medallist from the Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Program participants will also have contact with ambassadors experienced in high-level achievement and be presented with opportunities to further enhance their knowledge and skills in their chosen area of expertise. A flexible framework will focus on assisting our high performing students to meet the demands of their busy lives and schooling requirements, as well as providing access to mentors.

Inductees to the BDC High Performance Program have displayed an outstanding level of achievement in their chosen fields. Areas of expertise have included music, dance, modern pentathlon, football, swimming and rugby. Continued success requires dedication and commitment. The HPP is designed to work with these talented performers as we support them on their journey.

The Athlete Development Program

Students who join our development program experience what is required for them to become an elite performer.

The ADP is specifically designed for currently emerging athletes, sports people and performers who need support and guidance through the next few crucial years of their development. During the program, they will learn to navigate all the tools and resources available to make a life-long habit of ensuring the best possible outcomes in their chosen field, whether that be on the sporting pitch, ground or court, as an actor or artist, or in the music industry.

The ADP involves curriculum-based learning of the fundamental movement patterns required for strength and conditioning training, based on long-term athletic development models. The aim is that after their ADP education all students are capable of operating in a high performance training environment.

Students will also be given interactive lessons and education sessions with dietitians, sports and performance psychologists and current and former elite athletes from all fields. The program is completed during the school day and is coordinated by three-time Olympic medallist Nat Titcume.

Applications for the High Performance and Athlete Development Programs will open on Monday, 15 November and close on Friday, 10 December, 2021.

Nat Titcume

High Performance and Athlete Development Program Manager 

Phone: 0266515644 ext 228