Lockdown Library Books

Would you like some library books to help ease you through lockdown?

Please search the online library catalogue to find books that you would like to borrow and then fill in the details on the form below. 

Typical catalogue searches include:

  • A book title - just enter a few of the keywords e.g. 'tomorrow when war', 'hunger games', etc.
  • An author's surname e.g. 'marsden', 'collins', etc.
  • A genre heading e.g. 'science fiction', 'historical fiction', 'fantasy', 'graphic novels', 'adventure stories', etc.
  • A specific subject e.g. 'detectives fiction', 'surfing fiction', 'family relations fiction', 'sports biography', etc.

You can also try the 'advanced search' feature. Please make sure that a copy of the book is available (indicated by a green tick next to the book details) before ordering. Please contact the library on 66515644 ext. 207 or email if you have any questions.

Don't forget to check out our ebook collection that is available via the Sora app.

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