Music Ensembles

A range of music ensembles is on offer for students to join in both primary and secondary. The descriptions of these ensembles and the rehearsal times for each are listed below:

Ensemble Description Teacher
Double Trio
A guitar ensemble for students in Years 2 & 3.
Primary / Intermediate Guitar Ensemble
An ensemble for primary and secondary students who learn guitar and a variety of other instruments.
Primary Performance Band
A band for primary students with some experience on their chosen band instrument.
Training Band
A band for beginner students in primary school that takes place in Terms 3 & 4.
Year 4 String Ensemble
An ensemble for selected students in Year 4 who learn a string instrument.
A string ensemble for students who have been learning violin, viola, cello or double bass for at least 3 years.
An orchestra for students from Years 5 - 12 who learn an orchestral instrument and can read music. Students learning string, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments are expected to play in the BDC Orchestra.
Concert Band
A band for secondary students.
Secondary flute ensemble.
No Strings Attached
Senior school wind ensemble.
Secondary Guitar Ensemble
An ensemble for students from Years 7 - 12 who learn guitar. Must be able to read music.
Secondary Jazz Ensemble
An ensemble for advanced secondary students with a love of jazz music. Must be willing to learn to improvise and read jazz chord charts.
Secondary Vocal Ensemble
A vocal ensemble for all students from Years 7 - 12.
Senior String Consort
For advanced string players of violin, viola, cello or double bass. Students must be able to read music.
Ukulele Ensemble
A ukulele ensemble for primary and secondary students. Beginners are welcome.
A choir for secondary students.
Rehearsal Times
Rehearsal Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Before school
8.00 am
Senior String Consort M1
Training Band
Terms 3 & 4
Primary Band M1
Orchestra M1
Concert Band M1
Period 3
Year 4 String Ensemble M1
Period 4
Superstrings M1
Ukulele Ensemble M1
Flutissimo M1
No Strings Attached M1
Double Trio M1
Double Trio PPS
Choir M1
Lunchtime Concerts
Terms 2, 3 & 4
Intermediate Band M1
Jazz Band M1
School Rock Bands
Secondary Guitar Ensemble M2
Primary / Intermediate Guitar Ensemble M2
After school