Library host to imaginative problem-solving games

Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021

In Term 3 the library was host to a series of lively Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) campaigns. Dungeons & Dragons is a fundamentally social and intellectual experience. 

A team of adventurers are immersed in a pseudo-medieval world run by the Dungeon Master (the “DM” and campaign creator, was Hermione Beswick). The DM narrates setting and events, and adapts the emerging game to the players’ free actions and decisions. 

The world of the game is orally constructed and conjured in the imagination with the help of rule books, reference guides, charts, multifaceted dice and maps. Players work together to coordinate their complementary skill sets to problem-solve and overcome diverse challenges. 

Many thanks to Miss O'Connor for supplying necessary materials and Will Bond for donating resources.