Open Day 2021

Four innovative tour options, why not book them all! 

Join us for a visit in a new way and experience the BDC advantage.

When: Tuesday May 25 2021 (and Saturday 22 May for Kindy Pop In) 

Time: From 9.00am

Activities on the day

You must pre-book for your tour through our Enrolments Officer on (02) 6651 5644 ex 208 or email

Individual tours
We want to welcome you to our school via individual in-person tours and with only ten of these tours available you will want to book your spot fast. ​
Virtual real-time tours
Join us on a personalised virtual tour of the college where your dedicated tour guide will showcase the BDC advantage such as: Walker Learning, STEM, Performing Arts, Online Learning, Mathematics, Literacy, our first-class facilities as well as answer your questions.
Chat to a teacher
Join a live virtual meeting with a teacher and learn all about the college from the teacher’s perspective and get a taste of our amazing culture. ​
Kindy Pop-in Saturday 22 May
Our doors are also open Saturday 22 May, 8:30am - 12:00pm for families to talk about Kindergarten, take a tour of the college, meet our Stage 1 teachers and learn all about our innovative programs. Free tea & coffee, sausage sizzle, juices and snacks.

BDC has first-class facilities for sport, music, hospitality, technology and more! 

This is YOUR opportunity to have a sticky beak at the school IN ACTION, you won't want to miss it.

Chat to a teacher

Currently teaching and coordinating PDHPE across years 5-12. Football coordinator and Football Academy teacher and coach. 15 years teaching - 10 years at BDC.

My passion is providing positive learning experiences for all students and encouraging young people to make healthy choices and to be active. Education is more than a curriculum and I strive to assist students to achieve their best both inside and outside of the classroom.

I have taught English in a range of contexts, including public, Catholic and independent schools, and university for more than twenty years. I teach both junior and senior English courses.

My passion for English extends beyond literature. It encompasses all the ways media affords opportunities for students to be creative and analytical.

I have lived in Coffs Harbour for 34 years. I was offered a position in the Technologies Faculty at Bishop Druitt College following my university internship 17 years ago and have taught here ever since! 

The students at Bishop Druitt College are amazing and it is a privilege to work with them as well as the fantastic staff. I love anything to do with creativity, design and the ‘building’ part of a project. It is awesome to work in a practical hands-on learning environment each day.

I was appointed Head of English early in Term 1 2020. I have been making a positive contribution to the BDC community since arriving in Coffs Harbour in 2016 as an English teacher, Head of O’Shane House and Debating Coordinator. 

I am a highly experienced English teacher who previously held the position of Head of English at Ascham School in Sydney. My teaching philosophy centres around being explicit, empathetic, creative and dynamic. I am passionate about inspiring students and encouraging them to reach their full potential.  

I have worked at BDC for the past 7 years and taught in the Junior Primary during that time. In 2019 I was lucky enough to be an awardee at the National Teacher's Day Awards.   

As a teacher I strive to hold students’ wellbeing as a high priority. I believe that by providing a safe, welcoming and fun environment with strong personal relationships children are more willing and able to learn. 

This year I am teaching Physical Education to all students from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

I like to make things out of wood. Wood is good. Because making things is where the magic is.

I am driven by the ability to help students point at something and say 'I made that' with pride.

I have been working at Bishop Druitt College for the last 9 years. 

I am passionate about the performing arts. I love watching performing arts students grow into confident, self assured young adults. We are extremely fortunate to be able to offer so many platforms for students who love to perform and create at BDC. 

Year 11 Cambodia Service trip Coordinator.

I have been teaching at BDC since 1998, teaching a range of different HSIE subjects but especially history and society and culture. Both of my kids have been through BDC and completed HSC in 2016 and 2019. I have also been a year coordinator since 2004. I started running the Year 11 Cambodia Service Trip in 2004 and the school exchange with Krou Yeung School.

I love the engagement and challenge of working with young people. As a history teacher,I am also acutely aware of the luxury that we have with the education that is afforded to us in this country at this time in history and I think that with this opportunity comes responsibility too.

I recently moved to the Coffs Coast with my family. I am a primary school teacher, in my sixteenth year of teaching, currently teaching Year 6 at BDC.

My passion and drive for everyday teaching and learning creates an atmosphere of community and family. I don’t see myself as a teacher standing in front of an audience, but more a coach and mentor, driving a room full of collaboration and inquiry. I enjoy igniting a spark for curiosity, a spark for life long learning.

As a psychologist, I have worked together with adults, children and young people for over 20 years in schools, private practice and youth health clinics, supporting wellbeing and mental health. With a teaching background, I am also a passionate educator and value life long learning. I am currently researching student wellbeing at Southern Cross University as a PhD candidate.

I am passionate about helping children and young people to achieve personal success with their learning, their psychological health  and their social and emotional wellbeing. I value working holistically and respectfully with students and their families one step at a time in the pursuit of their identified goals.

I have been at Bishop Druitt College since 2001. During this time Music and Creative Arts have grown into a lifestyle for me. They have always been my favourite subjects to teach as I feel they both have far reaching benefits throughout your life.  

Music and Creative Arts affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
These subjects have given me a lifetime of enjoyment, happiness and wonderful friendships and I hope to share with and instill these experiences in my students.
I aspire to create opportunities where children can express themselves, to shine and to achieve at whatever level they are.  

I have been at BDC for 20 years. I am married and have 3 children.

I grew up in Sawtell, moved away for study and work and returned 10 years later. I am a trained food technology and hospitality teacher and have had several wellbeing roles in my time at BDC before becoming the Director of Student Wellbeing in 2019.

My passion is student wellbeing (hence we opened our Wellbeing HUB this year) I am driven by the desire to ensure all of our students have a voice, a path to follow and the chance to succeed. By nurturing a students wellbeing they will have more opportunity for success in these areas and academically.

I have worked as an educator for the last 20 years, in Victoria, Queensland and now NSW. Previous to my Assistant Principal (Head of Primary) role here at BDC, I worked in Melbourne as a classroom teacher and then as the Head of Physical Education/Sport.  I later moved to Queensland to work as the Head of PE in the Primary School and then later as Head of Pastoral Care P-6.

My passion is, and always will be, working with people to achieve their potential.   My goal when working with our young people is to provide them with a safe space to utilise their strengths, to make a difference in our world.  

My family and I have loved our move to Coffs Harbour and we look forward to becoming a part of our greater community.  

With 16 years of teaching experience, I am a lifelong learner and dedicated educator who strives to instil a similar desire in all of the students with whom I teach.

As an educational leader in our school community, my goal is to help encourage students at BDC to look beyond the four walls of our classroom and view the world around them as a place of learning and discovery.

I have recently moved here from Melbourne and have taken up an exciting challenge. My experience in the sports world is second to none, having competed at 3 Olympic Games (Sydney 2000: Bronze medal, Athens 2004: Silver, and Beijing 2008: Bronze).

I have worked in the education sector for nearly 20 years and have come to BDC to ensure that our talented athletes get all they can to succeed on a world stage.

I am passionate about sharing my unique experiences, challenges and resilience to our students and staff.

I am a dynamic and engaging staff member and love nothing more that to help every person get the very best out of themselves.

I am an engineer and mathematician at heart, with an active lifestyle centred around the coast and the ocean. I have been at the college for over 13 years, previously being Head of Mathematics and also eLearning Coordinator prior to starting as Director of Learning and Teaching in 2017. 

I originally studied civil engineering before changing into pure and applied mathematics at the University of Newcastle. Lifelong learning is something I want to instill in our graduates and myself, so completing my Masters Degree in 2015 and other micro credentials is something that keeps me always motivated to grow as an educator.

Innovative education design is what excites me. By creating learning structures that allow students to unlock their talents and passions, we can then nurture them for their future successes. 

I have been a teacher of French and Japanese in NSW secondary schools for almost 20 years and have been Head of Languages here since 2011. After graduating from university with a double major in French and Japanese I did an internship at the Japan Airlines Foundation, Tokyo before spending two years teaching English in Wakayama prefecture. I have also completed courses at École Québec Monde, Québec City, Centre de Linguistique Appliquée, Besançon and CAVILAM, Vichy.

I am passionate about helping students not only to become better communicators, but also to gain an appreciation of the beauty and power of language. I strive to open students' eyes to perspectives and possibilities beyond their own sphere of experience and to value different ways of living and interacting in the world.