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The House System

The names of the six houses at Bishop Druitt College acknowledge the outstanding achievements of six exemplary contributors to contemporary Australian culture.

Students are assigned to houses for pastoral care, tutor meetings, peer support, student leadership, chapel, sports, creative and performing arts and other activities. All students are encouraged to represent their house in as many activities as their talents and interests allow. Some activities are compulsory whereas others are either voluntary, by appointment or by election. Every student is expected to support their house to the best of their ability.

The names of the six houses at Bishop Druitt College acknowledge the outstanding achievements of six exemplary contributors to contemporary Australian culture. Their accomplishments establish goals for which all Bishop Druitt College students can strive - in the creative and performing arts, in sports and in community service.

The Six Houses

Cottee House takes its name from adventurer Kay Cottee. Cottee became the first woman to complete a solo, non-stop and unassisted sailing voyage around the world. Cottee also served on the Advisory Board of the Australian National Maritime Museum for more than 10 years. 

Cottee House Values: Perseverance, Courage, Acceptance, Dynamism, Integrity, Inclusivity, Diligence, and Service.

Hollows House recognises Fred Hollows, ophthalmologist and academic. Hollows worked to restore eye health to thousands of peoples in Aboriginal communities of rural Australia, and to disadvantaged communities in Eritrea, Nepal and Vietnam. The Fred Hollows Foundation continues important work. 

Hollows said - "To my mind, having a care and concern for others is the highest of human qualities".

Hollows House Values: Community, Mutual Respect, Wisdom, Service, Optimism, Generosity of Spirit, Diligence, and Acceptance.

Kngwarreye House recognises Emily Kngwarreye, a proud Aboriginal woman who became one of Australia's most celebrated painters in the late 20th century. She initially worked as a stock hand on pastoral properties in central Australia showing her forceful independence at a time when women were only employed for domestic duties. Kngwarreye took up painting in her seventies and developed a distinctive and original style based on the traditions of her people.

Kngwarreye House Values: Determination, Courage, Unity, Passion, Integrity, Support, Inspiration, and Inclusivity.

Murray House takes its name from Les Murray, a world-renowned poet and Australia's Poet Laureate. Murray's poetry continues to be revered for its perceptive evocation of rural life and the Australian character. His poetry became both a symbol of nationalism and a force to transcend above it. 

Murray was the college's founding patron and officially opened Bishop Druitt College on 13 July 1994.

Murray House Values: Curiosity, Unity, JusticeCourage, Influence, Compassion, Generosity of Spirit, Egalitarianism, and Mutual Respect.

O'Shane House takes its name from Pat O'Shane. O'Shane was a trailblazer in a variety of fields. She was Queensland's first certified female Aboriginal teacher, first female Aboriginal lawyer and barrister and first Aboriginal Magistrate. 

O'Shane House Values: Bravery, Mutual Respect, Empathy, Kindness, Justice, Dependability, and Inclusivity.

Sutherland House takes its name from Dame Joan Sutherland, one of the world's greatest operatic sopranos. Dame Joan graced the stages of the world's foremost opera houses and performed over sixty different international operatic roles.

Sutherland House Values: Inclusivity, Bravery, Resilience, Service, Humility, Passion, Generosity of Spirit, and Tenacity.

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