'We are always seeking to vary the menu with healthy alternatives.'
Healthy Food Choices

The canteen is run by the Canteen Committee of the Bishop Druitt College Parents and Friends Association Incorporated. The canteen operates each school day with a paid manager or assistants and parent helpers who volunteer their time on a roster.

We offer a wide variety of food choices that meet the criteria set by the NSW Government and the Canteen Association to help encourage the healthy choices that will alleviate childhood obesity. As a result, we do not sell cans of drink or any food high in fat, salt or sugar. 

Primary students are not allowed to purchase icy poles, slush puppies or hot food at recess. Children from Kindergarten to Year 2 are not allowed at the canteen at recess, but they can have recess food items delivered to their classroom if a separate order is made.

We are always seeking to vary the menu with healthy alternatives as they become approved. We also offer alternatives for those students or staff who have food intolerances or allergies. Information about your student’s food allergy or intolerance should be clearly noted on the lunch bag at the time of ordering.

Canteen Volunteers

The canteen is always looking for more volunteers, so if you have a spare day once a term, once a month or more often please let us know. If you are new to the school, helping in the canteen is a great way to meet other parents and learn about the school community.

Any questions or problems regarding the canteen menu should be put in writing, addressed to the Canteen Committee and left at the canteen. The canteen contact number is 66 515644 extension 211.

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