Independent Schools Career Hub

The Clarence-Coffs INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS CAREER Hub is an initiative of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW, in partnership with Clarence Valley Anglican School, St Andrew’s Christian School and Bishop Druitt College. The aim of the Hub is to partner with employers, TAFE and tertiary education institutions, to ensure that young people experience the world beyond school, and are supported in transition to further education and employment. 

Essentially, Career Hub, and this event, is about providing that vital link between education and businesses, and we’re pleased to welcome you to the group, and look forward to developing prosperous relationships that are beneficial for you, as employers, as well as giving our youth the opportunity to bridge their education with real world experience. 

There are many benefits for businesses to become partners with the Career Hub program, including 

  • gaining access to a larger pool of future employees
  • help train the next generation within your field - to build them how you want them 
  • to keep local talent local
  • to foster a positive community image for your organisation through the demonstration of a genuine social responsibility, and that is to harness our youth talent. 

There are many ways that your business or organisation can become a partner of the Career Hub - including not limited to providing industry tours, guest speakers and skill development workshops, mentoring, work experience, internships, school based traineeships and apprenticeships.

To find out more, please contact the Bishop Druitt College Careers Pathways Coach, Gina Driscoll

Careers Hub Launch - featuring guest speaker Mark McCrindle 

On 28 April 2021 at Bishop Druitt College, the Coffs Clarence Valley Independent Schools Career Hub was launched to the community. With near 100 local businesses in attendance, this was an opportunity for the local business community to understand local workforce needs in order that they could capitalise on business growth opportunities, and to learn more about how partnering with local schools could help to get workforce demands right for the future. 

The evening featured guest speaker, Mark McCrindle, futurist, demographer, TedX speaker, author and Principal at internationally recognised research firm, McCrindle. McCrindle recently published his book Work Wellbeing

You can view some of the images of this launch event here: