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'Students are the crew and not the passengers of a school, and should therefore be given genuine responsibilities over the running of the school community.'
— Kurt Hahn

Bishop Druitt College is a proud member of Round Square, a global association of over 200 schools from 50 countries that share a commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility, service, challenge, adventure, and international understanding.

More a philosophy than an organisation, Round Square’s overriding goal is to ensure the full and individual development of every student as a whole person through the realisation of academic, physical and cultural aspirations. 

Round Square has Six Specific Areas of Focus
Summed up neatly by the acronym IDEALS
  1. Internationalism
  2. Democracy
  3. Environmentalism
  4. Adventure
  5. Leadership
  6. Service

Round Square is a best practice example of how young people can be educated on the basis of tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. While most member schools are highly individualistic, common ground is easily found, particularly in concepts like service to the community, adventurous activities and the furthering of international co-operation.

Round Square provides opportunities for Bishop Druitt College students to travel as exchange students to other schools in Australia and overseas. Students are also able to participate in regional and international service projects initiated between member schools, and selected students may attend annual Australasian junior and senior student conferences as well as the annual international conference.

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The exchange program gave me the opportunity to experience a different perspective and approach to studying, working, playing, living, thinking, engaging, valuing, and connecting. The 3 month exchange was one of the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding experiences of my lifetime.
— Jimmy Gulgulia, Round Square exchange student 1995, and BDC Alumni and parent