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Tue 28 May 9:00am - 2:00pm

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Unlocking Success: The Crucial Importance of a High-Quality Senior School Experience

A student’s journey to success is a collaborative effort between families and schools. The pivotal role of a high-quality senior school education cannot be overstated. It is where academic excellence intertwines with personal growth, and passions are nurtured into purpose. At Bishop Druitt College, we understand the transformative power of these formative years and are committed to crafting an educational environment that fosters a future-focused mindset, academic excellence, ambition, and character development.

Nurturing Passion for Learning and Scientific Discovery

Our approach begins early, fostering a love for learning and scientific exploration from Kindergarten to Year 10. As students progress into senior school, our science curriculum is meticulously designed to inspire curiosity and critical thinking across diverse scientific fields. From Biology to Physics, Chemistry to Earth and Environmental Studies, or Agriculture, our senior science courses offer a comprehensive and immersive experience. Notable among our programs is the Heron Island marine trip, where students engage in hands-on research and exploration of turtle breeding, island ecology, and Science Extension. Through such experiences, BDC seniors not only excel academically but also develop a profound appreciation for the natural world and its complexities.

Academic Challenge and Growth

Senior school marks a time of academic challenge and growth tailored to each student's interests and aspirations. BDC offers a range of extension subjects including Business Studies, Studies of Religion 2, or Mathematics, allowing students to delve deeper into their areas of interest. Furthermore, our integration of mathematics and science from K-10 ensures students develop essential STEM skills vital for success in today's rapidly evolving world.

Holistic Approach to Creativity and Innovation

The BDC Way embraces a holistic approach that nurtures creativity and innovation. Personal interest projects, major works, performances, or work placements exemplify this ethos, offering students the freedom to pursue their passions across technology, the arts, HSIE, or VET courses. The Excelsior journey in Years 11 and 12 is both challenging and rewarding.

Exciting Opportunities in Performing Arts

For students aspiring towards a performing arts future, a wide range of subject choices is paramount. At BDC, our Stage 6 offerings include dance, music, and drama, providing students with exciting opportunities to explore their artistic passions. With dedicated spaces and highly skilled teachers, students can flourish as performers in our Dance Studio, Theatre, and music spaces.

Supportive Learning Environment

Young adults thrive in a supportive and enriching learning environment. Our Wellbeing Hub, Tutor Staff, The David Ford Centre for senior study, and the iHub offer students various spaces for academic pursuit and collaboration, fostering a greater sense of community and camaraderie.

Guidance for Future Success

Behind every successful student and family stands a team of dedicated teachers committed to their growth and development. With expert guidance, including our Career Pathways Coach, our teachers create an environment where students feel supported and empowered to reach their potential and explore career pathways.

Fostering Leadership and Personal Growth

Beyond academics and the arts, BDC is dedicated to fostering leadership and personal growth in every student. Through mentoring, service initiatives, camps, and rites of passage, we guide students on an Excelsior Journey of excellence and discovery.

Explore the BDC Advantage

We invite you to join us at the Bishop Druitt College Open Day on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. Explore our Year 11 to 12 offerings and discover the BDC advantage. Together, let’s unlock the potential within every student and pave the way for their future success as world-prepared graduates.