​2C investigating

Wednesday, 11 May 2022

2C have been investigating in a wide variety of areas this term.

The Sensory station has been popular with students exploring the smells and tastes of fruits and herbs as they mix up a potion. Gladys, Mason, Emily and Millie are focused on creating their potions.

Maverick, Jayden, Isabelle & Crystal recorded all the ingredients in their potions.

Maverick and Aaleah are busy at the Science station, planting bean seeds and observing and recording their growth. 

Sam and Jonah have been creating a habitat at the Nature station. 

At the small world station, Crystal and Edie were re-creating the story of The Gruffalo. 

The Role Play Station this term is a Nursery. Isabelle and Elle were caring for their babies. 

Construction is always popular and Alex, Phoenix and Angad challenged themselves to make their tower as tall as they could. 

The Collage Station this term is natural materials. Students are challenged to create using a range of natural materials. A photo is taken and then the materials are returned. Maverick made this amazing picture.