A world of pathways and support to discover where your future can take you. Well done Class of 2023!

Monday, 18 Dec 2023

As we bid farewell to the Class of 2023 at Bishop Druitt College, we reflect upon the incredible journey of our 70 graduates who have navigated the challenges of the Higher School Certificate (HSC) with determination, passion, and resilience. These young individuals have pursued their areas of interest, undertaking a diverse range of nearly 50 courses both on-campus and through innovative distance education programs, setting the stage for their future professional endeavours.

Throughout their academic odyssey, the unwavering support of our dedicated educators and support staff has played a pivotal role. Led by our Director of Student Wellbeing, Mrs Sue O’Connor, and Year Coordinators, our team of counsellors, chaplains, and teacher mentors have provided invaluable support. Together with the collaborative efforts of ten student captains and six house leaders, they formed a robust support system that nurtured the holistic development of our graduates.

The class of 2023 involved themselves in several worthy causes, raising a significant amount of money for Shave 4 a Cure, Movember, Cambodia sister school, and Warrina Womens Refuge. We are proud of the service in community that our world prepared graduates have led and the impact their efforts will have for those in need.

The commitment of our dedicated HSC teachers led by their Heads of Faculty and Director of Learning and Teaching, has been evident over the past two years. One of the most amazing achievements of this cohort are their early entry University offers and scholarships. We offer a dedicated support day for early entry and scholarships as well as numerous one-to-one sessions with Mrs Gina Driscoll (Careers Pathway Coach) has been instrumental in guiding students toward their chosen career paths. We had over 80% of students with early entry offers including some amazing offers of Physiotherapy (Lily Atkin, who had over 7 offers) and multiple offers in Medicine (including Georgia McErvale and a $50,000 scholarship into Medicine at Macquarie University) this year.

The results of our Extension subjects and accelerated offerings are a testament to the exceptional academic achievements of the Class of 2023, with an outstanding over 60% of extension scores falling within the E4 and E3 bands. Moreover, our Creative subjects have illuminated the school with numerous Band 6 achievements, spanning languages, creative and performing arts, as well as innovative areas such as design in textiles and woodwork. Lyla Elkayam achieved 1st in the state in Modern Hebrew Continuers.

At Bishop Druitt College High School, we take pride in going the extra mile to support our students. Our commitment extends beyond the traditional classroom setting, as we actively seek scholarships, facilitate early entries, and cultivate an environment that fosters individual creativity and innovation. As we send off the Class of 2023 into the next chapter of their lives, we feel blessed to have played a role in their academic and personal development.

As they embark on their future endeavours, we look forward to staying connected with our graduates and witnessing the impact they will undoubtedly make in their respective fields. The Bishop Druitt College High School community is not just a chapter in their lives; it is a foundation upon which they will build their futures. Congratulations to the Class of 2023 – you have left an indelible mark on our school, and we are excited to see the heights you will reach as proud alumni of Bishop Druitt College.

From a cohort of 76 HSC students who completed their HSC this year:

  • 99% of students received at least one Band 4 or above.
  • 23 Band 6 or Notional Band 6/E4 results from the 2024 graduate cohort.
  • 28 Band 5, 6, or E3/E4 results from the Years 9- 11 Accelerated (2024+ graduate) cohort. Amazing.
  • 103 Band 5 and 26 E3 results with 74% of learners achieving at least one Band 5 or 6 result, from the 2023 graduate cohort.
  • 80% of the cohort with Early Entry offers for university.
  • One Student Based Apprenticeships or full-time apprenticeships, 3 students heading into external TAFE VET students.
  • All graduates met for individually tailored career appointments.
  • Ruby Richards DUX with 97.50.
  • Lyla Elkayam 1st in the state, Modern Hebrew Continuers.
  • ANU Scholarship 
  • Bravissimo 2023 Nomination - Sam Fisher and Mac Egan
  • Shape 2023 Nomination - Zoe Cooke major work for Textiles and Design
  • Shape 2023 Nomination - Ivy Cruickshanks major work in Industrial Technology
  • Shape 2023 Nomination - Hugo Alderman major work in Industrial Technology
  • Shape 2023 Nomination - Ziggy Brown major work in Industrial Technology
  • Shape 2023 Nomination - Sadie Williams major work in Industrial Technology
  • OnStage - Individual Performance - and - Individual Project - Ziggy Brown,
  • OnStage - Individual Performance - and - Individual Project- Jamika McAulay-Earnest
  • OnStage - Individual Performance - and - Individual Project- Ty Robinson
  • Callback - Core Composition - Abbey George
  • Callback Major Study Performance - Abbey George
  • UNE Vice-Chancellor's High Achievement Prize - Anna Nixon
  • UNE Vice-Chancellor's High Achievement Prize - Grace Yarnold
  • Macquarie University Medicine Scholarship ($50,000) - Georgia McErvale
  • University of Newcastle Scholarship - Hermoine Beswick
  • SCU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - Lily Atkin
  • SCU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - Kara Porter

ATAR Honour Board

Our students were rewarded by their efforts with Nick Alford, Beth Hayes, Tilly Howard, Georgia McErvale and Ruby Richards achieving ATARs in the 90’s, along with almost half the cohort achieving an ATAR over 80.

Nick Alford (4x Band 5 and 2x E3), Beth Hayes (1x E4, 1x E3, 4x Band 5), Tilly Howard (3x E3, 4x Band 5), Georgia McErvale (1x Band 6, 4x Band 5), and Ruby Richards (1x E4, 4x Band 6, 1x E3, 1x Band 5).

BDC again had a significant number of students on the distinguished achievers’ list (Band 6 or E4). A Band 6 is a score between 90-100%.

Five Band 6 or equivalent (E4 or notional Band 6) were achieved by Ruby Richards (+ 1x E3). Two Band 6’s or equivalent were achieved by Stefanie Battaglia (+ 2x Band 5), Macushla Brennan (+ 4x Band 5 or E3). One Band 6 was achieved by Nick Alford (Notional, + 5x Band 5 or E3), Jesse Cameron (Notional, + 1x Band 5 or E3), Ivy Cruickshanks, Angus Dugard (Notional, + 4x Band 5 or E3), Sam Fisher (+ 2x Band 5), Emma Giles, Beth Hayes (+ 5x Band 5 or E3), Daniel Langley (+ 1x E3), Joshua Lim (+ 2x Band 5 or E3), Georgia McErvale (+ 5x Band 5), Anna Nixon (+ 4x Band 5 or E3), Christina Tai Hlaw (+ 4x Band 5), Christel Werner (+ 2x Band 5), Sadie Williams (+ 1x Band 5).

Accelerated Success

Furthermore, our accelerated students in Years 9 to 11 had some incredible achievements in Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 high potential and gifted pathway, as well as Business Studies and Studies of Religion 2. Daniel Lim (Year 9) in our HPL pathway received a Band 6 and 98 in Mathematics Advanced and E4 48/50 in Mathematics Extension 1. He is studying Mathematics Extension 2 in Year 10 and starting Chemistry accelerated in 2024, congratulations Daniel. Other strong accelerated results in Mathematics Extension 1 were Mia Diggens and Armaan Azad (Year 9 HPL) with E4’s and Hargun Ghuman, Andrew Jayasekara, Clare Kelly, Betty Tesfamariam and Joshua Walraven (Year 9 HPL) with E3’s. Additional in accelerated Mathematics Advanced Mia Diggens, Andrew Jayasekara and Clare Kelly also achieved Band 6’s, whilst Armaan Azad, Hargun Ghuman, Mahi Khobragade, Jamie Nathan, Iraklis Roussos, Betty Tesfamariam, and Joshua Walraven achieved Band 5’s. In accelerate Business Studies Makenzie Davidson-Hill and Griffin Lancaster achieved Band 6’s. In accelerated Japanese Continuers Griffin Lancaster achieved a Band 6. In accelerated Studies of Religion II, Mala Brooks-Andren achieved a Band 6, while Sureyya Brenna, Eleanor Davies, Caitlin Kerr and Katie Ray achieved Band 5 results. Well done to our High Potential Learners on gifted pathways through accelerated possibilities, we endeavour to support our gifted students in a variety of creative ways, and we are incredibly proud of their achievements.

Other high achievers included Ruby Couper with all Band 5 and E3 results, Tilly Howard with 7x Band 5 or E3 results, Kaleah Doherty, and Sukhvir Khunkhun, Jasper Thompson with 5x Band 5 or E3, Abbey George, Heather Nivison, with 4 Band 5 or E3, Max Egan, Matilda Watson, with 3x Band 5, Thomas O’Connor, Willow Remond-Stephens, Sifan Tekle, Bryyn Turner, Kaitlyn Waddell, with 2x Band 5, Sandon Carpenter, Zoe Cooke, Oliver Correy, Adeline De Berg, Elizabeth Fisher, Ien Gribble Ten, Max Iggulden, Jamika McAuley-Earnest, Kara Porter, Ty Robinson, Duke Rowthorne, Nelson Sharp, Aaron White, Lucinda Wood with 1x Band 5 or E3.

Craig Verbruggen
Director of Learning and Teaching