Adapting for Excellence in Education

Thursday, 02 Nov 2023

Adapting for Excellence in Education

In today's rapidly changing world, the success of any educational institution lies in its ability to adapt and evolve. At Bishop Druitt College, we have always strived to provide our students with the best educational experience. To that end, we recognise the paramount importance of being adaptable and agile with respect to our school's educational philosophy.

Over the years, our college has been committed to providing an experiential education model that engages students in active, immersive learning experiences. While this philosophy has proven to be effective in student engagement and enrichment, it is educationally prudent to evolve to the ever-changing needs of our students. One such adaptation on our educational journey is the incorporation of Michael Fullen's 6Cs of Deep Learning.

The 6Cs of Deep Learning

Michael Fullen, an acclaimed educational researcher, and author, proposed the 6Cs of Deep Learning as a framework to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. The 6Cs comprise of Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Citizenship, and Character. These competencies emphasise the development of holistic skills, nurturing not only academic prowess but also the social, emotional, and ethical dimensions of education.

Improving the Educational Experience

By embracing Fullen's 6Cs, we believe that we can significantly enhance the experiential educational experience at the college.

Here's how:

Fostering Collaboration: Our students will learn the art of collaboration, which is essential in the modern workplace. Collaborative projects and group activities will be integral to our curriculum, enabling students to build strong teamwork skills.

Enhancing Communication:
Effective communication is a critical life skill. We aim to develop confident and articulate communicators who can express themselves with clarity and empathy.

Encouraging Creativity:
Creativity is the driving force behind innovation. Our students will be encouraged to think outside the box, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit that will serve them well in a rapidly changing world.

Cultivating Critical Thinking:
We will empower students to think critically and analytically. They will learn to evaluate information, make informed decisions, and solve complex problems.

Promoting Good Citizenship:
The importance of responsible citizenship cannot be understated. Through community engagement and service-learning projects, our students will gain a deep understanding of their roles as active and responsible global citizens.

Building Character:
Character education is the foundation of our students' moral and ethical development. Our commitment to this principle aligns with the college's vision of nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Preparation for the Future

Incorporating the 6Cs of Deep Learning is not just about improving the educational experience; it's about preparing our students for the future. The world they will enter is dynamic, unpredictable, and technologically driven. To succeed, they must not only excel academically but also possess the skills and dispositions that the 6Cs represent.

Research supports the idea that developing these competencies is vital. A recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found that students who possess strong social and emotional skills are more likely to excel in traditional academic subjects and are better prepared for the demands of the workforce.

Source: OECD survey on social and emotional skills - OECD. Available at: (Accessed: 10 October 2023).

Nick Johnstone
Bishop Druitt College