Ambitious Amber

At BDC Amber Ford achieved an Academic Excellence Award in Technical Drawing and Visual Arts 2003, Award for Academic Excellence in Design & Technology 2004.

In 2005, she designed the cover for Stage 6 Art Diary and was winner of the Whitehouse Institute of Design Award.

After graduating from BDC in 2006, Amber completed qualifications from the University of Sunshine Coast and topped her class at Design College of Australia.

“Amber has a unique knack of being able to combine the goals of a business with all the right visuals to elevate it. She consistently sees opportunities to develop, strategise and create progression across multiple industries.Amber has over 10 years experience in design ranging from humble beginnings as a designer in a print factory, to an in-house for a big corporation then landing herself a lead senior role at an agency.”

On 20th March 2019 it all began. Amber launched her design business in Brisbane with a gold foil logo. She is the founder and creative director of Husq Designs

“We are a boutique branding agency based in sunny Brisbane. We specialise in developing market-leading brands that are not only thoughtful and emotive but beautiful.Our expertise lies in developing unique visual identities based on strategy and research mixed with passion, ambition and refinement.”Amber set up her business in the Cayman Islands mid last December and is currently working with international clients from Dubai, America and Canada.