Awards and achievements Term 1 Week 6

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023

During Week 5, selected Year 5,6,7 and 8 BDC students competed in Australia’s premier eSports competition. The FUSE Cup provides school students with a face-to-face, safe, competitive, and challenging esports opportunity while also promoting concepts such as digital wellbeing, Inclusion, and social values. Being part of a team and learning how to contribute towards a common goal is a valuable life skill. This is an important aspect of participating in The FUSE Cup which students gain insight into. There are 4 overarching values to The FUSE Cup that are our foundation and are in place to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a positive and safe experience that helps promote and establish positive gaming habits for younger gamers. These values include integrity, strength, inclusion, and teamwork.

In a massive online tournament, featuring 45 different private schools from around the country, our primary and secondary students made BDC proud.  

With three groups of 15 teams, our BDC Primary team finished with an excellent 5th placing in their heat after some intense rounds of dancing.

Our BDC Secondary team managed to progress through to the final round of 6 after finishing 2nd in their heat. With some seriously high scores, unfortunately, the team didn’t come home with the win but managed a very respectable 5th place overall.  

Both teams had an amazing day out and we can't wait for the next round of the FUSE Cup next term where a new game will be on the competition circuit. A huge thank you to the BDC esports coordinators: Mr Davis, Mrs Lewis, and Mr Walker for making this event possible.

eSports continues to be a very popular club in both primary and secondary and we look forward to the continued positive growth and success in what is a huge industry worldwide.