BDC Alumni: BARRIE E. ROSS - Building Design Consultant

Wednesday, 15 June 2022

A History of Bishop Druitt College Building

25th July  1991 Barrie Ross was elected Diocesan Representative on the Anglican Coast School, Interim Board as Building Design Consultant.

Barrie was appointed to design the buildings and with Bill Ward (Executive Officer) in 1991-92 investigated 23 possible sites for the college from Arrawarra to Bonville.

1st February 1993 a letter from the Town Clerk, Coffs Harbour City Council relates to Bishop Druitt College Lot 9 DP 813195 North Boambee Road. Stage 1 as approved in the development consent is to be constructed in 2 phases, 1993 and 1994.

In May 1992 it was noted that the spur would make a good place to erect the buildings. Barrie Ross, the building designer suggested a central spine and a courtyard with buildings around.

Notes from an interim college council meeting on 9th December 1992: (BR = Barrie Ross)

BR described the first stage to Council members.

BR described the detail on the two toilet blocks available from Quaker’s Hill, Sydney. Cost $15,000 each plus $1,100 to $1,200 each for transport.

The situation regarding storage was discussed. 

Father Stephen Pullin suggested we explore the storage relocation further with Lindsay’s Transport.

BR has investigated a twin GPLA unit demountable at Tweed Heads. 12m x 6m for $29,000. BR suggested we look at this option.

BR closed the meeting in prayer at 5:42pm.

Foundation Council Meeting August 1993

BR raised the matter of bricks being rejected; Boral Morocco no longer being used due to poor quality of Grafton bricks which had to be returned.

Property & Planning Committee meeting 8th September 1993

First payment due 9/9/93 of $55,144 – passed for payment – BR confirms this.

Progressive expenditure $132,675 to end of August.

In 1998, Vic Branson, college architect Barrie Ross and Mike Colless undertook a tour of Anglican schools in Southern Queensland to glean ideas for a new library at Bishop Druitt College. Mike and Barrie collaborated to present a proposal to the College Council for a large, purpose-designed, modern library that would meet K-12 college needs into the future as the school grew to its projected population of 750 students.

Barrie was a member of the college council from 1994 to 2005.

Tony Ross, Barrie’s son, designed the archway entrance to the college in 1998.

Val, Barrie’s wife was the foundation secretary before Lyn Mercer took over.

Barrie held the post of Chair of Property and Planning until 2011.