BDC Alumnus: Abbey Farlow, Wins B&T's 30 Under 30 Award in Public Relations

Wednesday, 27 Mar 2024

Celebrations abound at Bishop Druitt College as alumnus Abbey Farlow secures a coveted spot as the winner of the Public Relations category in the prestigious "30 Under 30" Awards, sponsored by B&T and presented by Vevo. Farlow's remarkable achievement serves as a testament to her dedication, talent, and the quality of education imparted at BDC.

Farlow's journey to success traces back to her time as a student at Bishop Druitt College, where she laid the foundation for her future endeavors. After graduating from BDC in 2014, Farlow embarked on an ambitious path, relocating from Coffs Harbour to Sydney to pursue her passion for communications and PR at the University of New South Wales.

Her journey took a decisive turn when she was recruited by Poem Group at the tender age of 18, marking the beginning of a stellar career in the field of public relations. Today, Farlow stands as a prominent figure at Havas Red, where her contributions have been instrumental in securing and managing high-profile accounts, including the Tourism Tasmania campaign, which now constitutes a significant portion—31%—of Havas Red's consumer and brand team budget.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Farlow remains deeply committed to nurturing talent and fostering creativity within her agency. Through initiatives like Red Spark, she provides mentorship and a platform for young professionals to contribute their ideas and perspectives, embodying the inclusive ethos instilled during her formative years at BDC.

Abbey Farlow's inclusive approach and commitment to excellence have not gone unnoticed. Described by industry insiders as a "strong believer that great ideas can come from anyone" and a passionate advocate for the upskilling of the next generation of PR professionals, Farlow's influence extends far beyond the confines of her agency. Her groundbreaking work has earned her international recognition, making her the first Australian 'Redster' to be shortlisted in the Cannes Young Lions PR Category—an achievement that speaks volumes about her impact and influence within the industry.

Reflecting on her latest accolade, Farlow expressed gratitude for her journey and excitement for the road ahead. "Being part of the 30 Under 30 cohort is not just a personal milestone, but also a testament to the dedication and passion I have for what I do," she shared. "I'm excited to continue pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and making a positive impact through my work."

Abbey Farlow's triumph is a source of pride for Bishop Druitt College, exemplifying the school's commitment to nurturing talent and fostering excellence in every endeavor. Congratulations, Abbey, on this well-deserved recognition!