BDC Alumnus: Zac Freuden

Wednesday, 06 Mar 2024
A Q&A with Zac

Q: What aspects of your education at BDC led you to start your business?

Community comes to mind. BDC definitely made an incredible impact, creating and fostering a diverse community with such amazing people. Anyone from any year, teachers included were a part of this community and you never felt out of place. We, as students, were educated to the fullest potential by the amazing teachers.

Q: What gave you the idea to set up “Live to Create”?

A: My business partner, Sam Buchwald and I came up with the decision create the company has we always wanted to pursue the creative outlet in our lives. We were working in the corporate world and didn’t feel accomplished in the work that we were doing! We both loved film and photography so that’s why we decided to create our company. The name, “Live To Create” encapsulates who we are, the work that we do and the people who we embody.

Q: What actually can LTC do for people?

A: We are a creative studio. We take your brand’s physical presence and showcase it through all social channels and TVC. This is in the form of photo, video, marketing and digital assets, campaigns, and social growth.

Q: What are the plans for the future?

In the past 2.5 years we have scaled from 2-4 employees and expect in the next 10 years to scale the business to at least 20-25 people. We want to take full control on marketing and digital campaigns for our current and future clients, and have our team run all their social marketing, campaigns and channels.