BDC and Prosper Coffs Harbour working together to reduce plastic pollution

Prosper Coffs Harbour’s Protection of the Environment Trust is taking a stand against ocean plastics. Together, with the support of Bishop Druitt College, the trust will aim to raise enough money to bring a Seabin to Coffs Harbour.

The Fundraising Manager from Prosper Coffs Harbour, Melissa Nunn says that ‘we need to do something about plastic pollution now and by fundraising to purchase a Seabin we can all make a difference to reduce our plastic pollution impact on the ocean and maintain a clean Waterway. We are very excited to have the support of Bishop Druitt College to assist in the fundraising efforts for the Seabin over the coming months.’

The Seabin is a cleaning device that will operate 24/7 collecting floating debris in the water, reducing litter escaping into the estuary and the wider ocean environment. The Seabin can collect up to 1.5kgs of floating debris per day. This includes large plastic bags, bottles, plastic straws, coffee cups, food wrappers, surface oils and micros plastics down to 2mm small. Once the funds have been raised for the Seabin it will be donated to the Jetty Marina where it will be maintained and continue to clean the waterway so there is no litter escaping into the wider ocean environment.

‘We need to support organisations doing great things in our community and the Seabin project is one of them. We are very pleased to be working with Prosper Coffs Harbour to bring a seabin to the Jetty.’ Nick Johnstone Bishop Druitt College Principal. 

If you would like to find out more information about the Seabin campaign please visit the Prosper Coffs Harbour website and to donate visit

Pictured from left: Matt Newberry, Chloe Braun, Imogen Lamont, Melissa Nunn, Nick Johnstone.