BDC and SCU are building a partnership on strong foundations and shared values.

Southern Cross University (SCU) and Bishop Druitt College’s (BDC) newly formed partnership holds many benefits to students studying education. Sharing similar educational values such as voice and choice, wellbeing, and a strong focus on the individual in learning are just some of the reasons this strong partnership has been formed.

SCU and BDC are two leading education campuses on the North Coast. The increased connections have resulted in some exciting opportunities in both education and Health Sciences. BDC aims to support SCU in achieving our shared educational aim to increase the profile of professional educators locally. Both BDC and SCU aim to make a difference in the local community, through the vehicle of education.

“I had the pleasure of presenting the Southern Cross University – Coffs Harbour Campus Undergraduate Education Awards. A huge congratulations to Ms Kali Rouillon (winning the BDC Arts Education Prize) and Ms Sophie Cross (recipient of both the BDC STEM Education Prize and the BDC Student Wellbeing Prize). These students are the top in their respective fields at SCU and are moving into their second year of study in 2019. BDC is proud to work in partnership with SCU to encourage the next generation of teachers.” Nick Johnstone, Principal Bishop Druitt College.

These awards are for SCU students studying education and BDC will be offering them professional experience placements and professional interview experience and this may result in their first teaching position.

“Teaching is not a job it is a calling. It is essential that the next generation of teachers are motivated to make a difference for each child in their class. I encouraged the first year students to be the difference.” Nick Johnstone, Principal Bishop Druitt College.