BDC announces 2020/2021 student leaders under an innovative leadership structure

Bishop Druitt College students have more innovative learning opportunities than ever before. 

The senior leadership structure at Bishop Druitt College was redesigned and put into action in 2019, allowing for more student opportunities that include the areas of leadership, service, the arts, academic, and sport.

Within this leadership structure, each pair of school captains works with a staff mentor. The role of this staff mentor is to help and give guidance to the captains with direction and as an ideas sounding board, working effectively with their committees and as a conduit to help gain action on any decisions that are made by the committee. 

For this new structure to work effectively, current best-practice and BDC students have identified that authentic, valid, heard, acted on student voice is fundamental to any leadership model, their fulfilment and success. 

We hope to make BDC a welcoming and creative space by sharing the arts and bringing them out into the open to be appreciated by the whole school community’. Arts Captains.

As Captains we hope to continue to embrace diversity and to inspire the BDC community to make the world a better place through service.’ Service Captains.

As academic captains, we envision a BDC community in which academic wellbeing is a central focus and students feel comfortable to grasp and explore new opportunities’. Academic Captains.

We will strive to create a stronger sporting culture within the BDC community and strive to accommodate students of all abilities’. Sport Captains

As leadership captains we strive to inspire leadership qualities throughout the school community and help grow potential in future leaders’. Leadership Captains.

As House leaders we want to encourage participation in all house activities and inspire the rest of our tutor groups to lead with us.’ House Leaders.

The students who applied to become a leader needed to comply with certain criteria responsibilities in order to be successful candidates. Some of their leadership responsibilities include: representing the college at functions, involvement in presentation days, academic performance, lead and develop school-based forums, coordinate student feedback, tours, student voice, participate in charity events and more. 

Bishop Druitt College would like to publicly congratulate the student leaders for 2020/2021. 

The 2020/2021 BDC student leaders from back row left: Michael Spinolgio (Sports Leader), Ellie Spain (Sports Leader), Grace Moran (Hollows House Leader), William Joice (Kngwarreye House Leader), William Bond (Leadership Leader), Tai Crismale (Leadership Leader), Charles Verguizas (Sutherland House Leader), Tom Neal (O’Shane House Leader).

Front row from left: Juliette Oliver (Service Leader), Maxyn Dorz (Academic Leader), Jasmin Henson Gallardo (The Arts Leader), Georgina Morrall (The Arts Leader), Mawahib Khalifa (Service Leader), Devi Sinha (Cottee House Leader), Kiana Lane (Murray House Leader), Madeline Howard (Academic Leader).