BDC recognises SCU students in the 2020 education prize

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021

The BDC Education Prize 2020 recipients thriving in their second year at SCU.  

Southern Cross University Coffs Harbour students, Amber Strickland and Evie Baldwin were awarded the 2020 BDC Education Prizes to recognise their outstanding academic achievements and support their tertiary studies in Education. 

The annual prizes are awarded to highest performing first year students enrolled in the SCU Education degrees at the Coffs Campus. The three prizes are awarded for STEM (maths, numeracy, science and technology), Wellbeing (PDHPE) and Arts.  

“Encouraging our future teachers during their tertiary study is an investment in the future learning opportunities for our students,”  said Nick Johnstone, principal at Bishop Druitt College. 

“Teaching is not a job, it is a calling. BDC is proud to offer these three awards to local students at SCU, to encourage better outcomes for our future teachers, and to keep local teaching talent thriving in the Coffs Coast.”  

Amber and Evie are both current students at Southern Cross University, each studying a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Education. 

BDC 2020 Education Prize recipient, Amber Strickland

Amber Strickland was awarded two prizes - the BDC STEM Education Prize and the BDC Wellbeing Education prize. “Attaining these awards motivates me to work even harder to excel in university, and the award allows me to invest further into my education and future career,” says Amber. 

“I aim to acquire a teaching position to fulfil my goal of working with students every day, and instilling a passion for learning amongst others. 

BDC 2020 Education Prize recipient, Evie Baldwin

Evie Baldwin received the BDC Arts Education Prize. “The SCU student cohort is hugely fortunate to have so many local advocates like BDC who are able to support our study ambitions.

“This and other support available at SCU, and having this prize allows me to commit more time and energy to my study without financial burden. It provides me with the assurance that the community is working to actively endorse tertiary education. 

“As a high school teacher, I wish to major in English and Modern History - there is always a need for teachers in these critical learning areas! These were the subjects I enjoyed and succeeded in when I was at school, and I hope to share this passion with my future students.

Bishop Druitt College is a proud partner of Southern Cross University, and each year sponsors these awards for outstanding local students. 

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