Bishop Druitt College recognises outstanding educator with the 2023 King Constantine Medal

Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023

Bishop Druitt College proudly announces the recipient of the prestigious 2023 King Constantine Medal, awarded to Mick Klipin, an exemplary teacher who has made an indelible impact through his dedication to education and service.

The King Constantine Medal is bestowed upon an exceptional individual from a Round Square School who exemplifies the Round Square IDEALS (Internationalism, Democracy, Adventure, Service, and Leadership) and has demonstrated outstanding contributions within their local community.

Mr Klipin, a distinguished educator holding a Masters of Education and Asian Studies, has devoted countless hours to enlightening students and teachers about present-day Cambodia, particularly its historical context with the Khmer Rouge regime. His unwavering commitment to fostering global awareness and understanding has earned him this esteemed recognition.

One of Mr Klipin's notable achievements is the initiation of an annual school trip to Cambodia, which has flourished and evolved over the past 18 years. This immersive Cambodia Service Learning and Study program has not only created enduring relationships with schools and organisations in Cambodia but has also supported student and teacher professional development.

Highlights of Mr Klipin's annual Cambodia Excursions include:

  • Cultural exchange: bringing the curriculums of History, Society, and Culture to life.
  • Community service projects: engaging senior students in activities such as teaching English, building essential infrastructure, and fostering connections through sports, debates, and games.
  • Philanthropy: donating educational materials and substantial financial contributions to support service projects in Cambodia.

The impact of these endeavours extends far beyond the students' immersion, transforming into a professional learning opportunity for staff at Krou Yeung School and Bishop Druitt College. This collaboration has resulted in leadership opportunities for both communities and a shared commitment to making the world a better place.

A few notable achievements include:

  • Over 500 students and 30 teachers participating in the Cambodia trips.
  • Over $500,000 donated to NGO charities and for building houses and schools.
  • 4 student and staff exchanges between Krou Yeong School and Bishop Druitt College.
  • Hosting 13 Senior Management staff from Krou Yeung School in 2023 for intensive professional development at Bishop Druitt College.

In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Mick Klipin has been presented with Bishop Druitt College's first King Constantine Medal. The presentation was made by Principal Nick Johnstone during a special assembly.

About Round Square

Round Square is an international network of schools that share a commitment to personal development and responsibility through service, adventure, and global understanding.

About His Majesty King Constantine

King Constantine, a former pupil of Anavryta, one of Round Square's founding schools, played a pivotal role in the formation of the Round Square movement. His enduring commitment to the movement as Chair and later as President has positively impacted countless students globally.

Pictured from left to right: Mick Klipin and Nick Johnstone.