Campus News

Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023


Preparing for the new English Syllabus.

On Friday the 17th of March the iHub was the venue for a day of discussion, training, and inspiration for English teachers, on the implementation of the new syllabus. 

The iHub hosted a day of discussion and training for English teachers, on the implementation of the new syllabus. A number of English teachers from around the region took this opportunity to make new connections and learn about the new syllabus together. The presenter was Ms Meaghan Hird (AIS).

This forum was the only one of its kind in the area, and was organised by our wonderful Head of English - Amy Dal Pozzo! 

Harmony Week 

BDC is proud to be a vibrant and multicultural school. We celebrate inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.

In Week 9 the BDC Human Rights Group has been busy gathering information on the countries represented by our school. The iHub has Harmony-themed displays throughout: on the Trilby TV system; a physical map that students have contributed to; and two separate displays of fiction and non-fiction books on racism, culture, and the many facets of multiculturalism that are represented in Harmony Week.

Educating to inform and encourage BDC Digital Citizens

Literacy involves more than reading these days, and there are information literacy and digital literacy skills that we address to help our students feel World prepared. 

In Week 9 we aim to help them to navigate some of the issues that they might encounter on the internet via a series of Optus Digital Thumbprint sessions being held in the Theatre at BDC on Thursday 30th of March for Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 students.

The topics covered this year are:

  • Period 1 - YEAR 8 - Cyberbullying
  • Period 2 - YEAR 7 - Cyber Security
  • Period 3 - YEAR 9 - Digital Discernment
  • Period 4 - YEAR 10 - Digital Identity

English Planning Day

Changes in the English 7-10 syllabus, due to come into effect in 2024, will require changes to programs. Understanding and organising new syllabus content into coherent, well-sequenced learning and teaching programs, as well as developing engaging teaching activities, is a focus of attention for the Secondary English faculty this year. 

With this in mind, BDC had the honour of hosting an AISNSW planning and programming workshop on Friday, 17 March in the iHub. Twenty-five local Heads of Faculty and English teachers met together to collaborate and plan around the new English 7-10 syllabus scheduled to come into effect next year. It is unusual for teachers from across the three sectors (Independent, Catholic and DET) to work together to address a common goal and all agreed it was a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and share ideas. 

Future Leaders Summit

On the 21st of March, eight Year 11 students attended the Future Leaders Summit hosted by Southern Cross University. Schools from around the district were invited to attend a presentation led by Lachie Smart, the 2016 World Record holder for the Youngest Pilot to Fly Solo Around the World. Our students enjoyed the opportunity to learn about essential leadership skills, including communication, building a positive culture, and developing responsibility. The day was broken into 4 key themes - How to set goals for your school, Adversity and Persistence, Leading a great team and Power of Youth. 

Lachie shared many of his personal stories and throughout the day students were given time to discuss different ideas and opinions with their peers. There was also the opportunity to have some fun with activities such as icebreakers and ‘crazy job interview’. Many thanks to Clare Kelly, Mitchel Fahey, Hargun Ghuman, Jaskirit Khunkhun, Mahi Khobragade, Jasmeh Kaur and Betty Tesfamarium for their enthusiastic participation on the day. 

In two months time 20 students will participate in a 30 km endurance event. Students in each group need to raise $350 which will go towards the Kokoda Foundation. The Kokoda Foundation raises funds for Aussie kids to experience programs which help engage and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Please help us the students raise money and donate to the links below. These students are learning about the history of the Kokoda and training hard to be able to conquer this challenge.

We have two spare spots in this elective for Yr 6-8. If your child would like to participate in this challenge, please email me

On Saturday the 1st of April, we are walking the Sealy Korora Lookout Loop. All students and parents of this elective are welcome to join us at 7:30am. The walk will go for approximately 2 hours. See you there.

Brisbane Kokoda Challenge Teams
Mrs Martin
Mrs Fisher
Miss Dunn
Mrs Gudgeon
Mr Galvin
Thomas Kiernan
Dylan Hannaford
Bayley Johnson
Malia Edwards
Tyson Werrett
Logan Anderson
Ned Griffin
Lara Hannaford
Angus Gibson
Flynn McInerney
Lenny Day
Olivia Sykes
Maddie Graham
Tom Ricketts
Noah Anderson
Sophia Walraven
Mia O-Reilly
Elijah Clark

Japanese Study Tour

Thank you to the wonderful BDC families for hosting Japanese students AND to the BDC students who have buddied students at school.

There have been wonderful cultural exchanges happening in both directions. 

Here are two short speeches made by our visiting students Yuna and Hanari from Kyoto University of Advanced Schience Junior and Senior High School.


Thank you for the week. We could feel the difference in school life, culture and values here.

We were able to see many stars and the Milky Way for the first time, which is something we don't get to see very often in Japan. I was attracted to Australia, where you can walk around and talk to people you don't know and spend time at your own pace.

At first, I was nervous and anxious, but thanks to a lot of support and smiles, I was able to enjoy life in Australia.

I would like to come to Coffs Harbour again.


In addition, I and some other people made these Senbazuru (a thousand folded paper cranes). Senbazuru are made in Japan as a symbol of peace. I want people to know origami as a part of Japanese culture, so please display it somewhere in your school.

Thank you for talking to me so much. Thank you very much for your kindness.

When we come here again someday, let's talk a lot.