Careers update - 2021 Term 4 Week 2

Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021

Year 12 legends 

In the past 12 months, I’m pleased to say every student in this cohort has had an individual career appointment with me - some have had multiple visits to the career office!  

Their senior years have been a challenge and this Year Group have demonstrated great resilience and organisational skills!  Many students used lockdown as a good time to think about their career options for post school and chose to do a career chat with me via Zoom during this period to receive advice about further study and to complete their uni, scholarship applications and/or resumes. 

To date, 85% of the class of 2021 have applied to study at university.  Of that group, 33% have already received early offers from universities.  Another 4 students have secured a traineeship or apprenticeship or have chosen TAFE courses to enrol in.  Many are busy with their scholarship applications.  Others are looking at volunteering overseas to gain experience.   

Three students will complete their school based apprenticeships (SBAT)this year. Completing an SBAT is a fantastic achievement at the best of times as the student must juggle paid work, studying a VET qualification AND keeping up with their HSC work.  Congratulations to 

  • Will Mackie
  • Blake Baker
  • Ronan Singleton 

Who have undertaken an SBAT with all the added challenges of Covid-19.

Year 10 Internships

Year 10’s Ayla Atkin and Isabelle Simon are our Internship Trailblazers.  Ayla has commenced her Internship with Ohana Early Learning and attends their Emerald Beach Centre each Friday to gain experience in the many aspects of a career in early childhood.

Isabelle is keen to learn about the different careers in health and pharmacy and is all set to start her Internship at Woolgoolga Coastal Pharmacy this week.

Year 10 Work Experience

Due to run from 22-27th November, face to face work experience is now on hold due to level 3 restrictions, however Mrs Brown and I are looking at some fantastic virtual work experience opportunities for our students that we can announce soon. 

Gina Driscoll
Career Pathways Coach