Careers Update - Year 10 Virtual Work Experience plus Class of 2021

Thursday, 09 Dec 2021

Year 10 Virtual Work Experience

Many of our intrepid Year 10's -  not to be deterred from work experience due to Covid restrictions - chose a to undertake a virtual work experience project through the Careers Department this week.  Projects were  industry based self directed learning across industries ranging from Automotive, Nursing, Architecture, Veterinary,  Marine Biology, Landscaping, Policing, Interior Design, Cyber Security, Acting, Music Production, Journalism, Floristry, Medical Ethics, Law, Social Work just to name afew!  Students gained  skills in research, improvising new ways to complete a task, resilience in adapting when things aren't straightforward or don't go to plan and problem solving. 

Students will receive a certificate and feedback on their completed projects - great to showcase on their resumes in the future.

Two students, who had arranged their work experience at the start of the year, were still able to attend their placements at Dolphin Marine Conservation Park.  Mira and Isabelle got some great experience learning about the important marine life rescue and rehabilitation work that is carried out at the park.  

Class of 2021

Before the HSC was completed, 96% of the class of 2021 who applied for university next year had received an offer - some have received multiple offers!

5 other students have confirmed apprenticeships or traineeships, while others are off to continue their studies at TAFE.  Best wishes to this this fabulous cohort for a bright future ahead.

Gina Driscoll 
Careers Pathways Coordinator