Chaplain's Chat 2022 Term 3 Week 3

Wednesday, 03 Aug 2022
But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile,  and pray to the Lord on its behalf,  for in its welfare you will find your welfare.
— Jeremiah 29:7

Being an Anglican school connects us in a special way to a community of students and humans across the world that are part of the Anglican Communion. The bishops of the worldwide Anglican Communion (including our Bishop Murray) are currently gathering at the Lambeth Conference in England for a once-a-decade meeting hosted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Community is built by gatherings and connections such as these. 

Today a delegation of students from our Human Rights Group, Goori Group and Environment Group have gathered in Brisbane with hundreds of students from other Anglican schools in a gathering called the Anglican Schools Goodji Festival. We have visited the Anglican Cathedral in the centre of Brisbane, finding out how they use their property to support those who are homeless and reach out in providing medical care to those who access shelter accommodation. We have listened to a collection of inspiring Goodji Festival speakers who have used their skills to improve society in areas such as climate action, refugee support and mental health. 

My hope and prayer is that our BDC students might grow as young leaders, inspired by those who are shaping society in positive ways, using their gifts and skills for the benefit of all of society. As the Scriptures say in Jeremiah, as we build the welfare of the city we live in, so also our welfare lifts. May we all look for opportunities to be a blessing to all we meet.

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Rev Naomi Cooke