Chaplain's Chat - Christmas Hamper Appeal 2023

Thursday, 16 Nov 2023

Last week was the first time rain fell in a significant amount since early autumn where I live. I have watched and experienced the drying up of many things this last winter; grass, earth, trees, water supply to animals and humans alike. Whilst I recognise the seasonal nature of life, I still find myself tied to the energy of grief and letting go and of hopelessness that a drought can bring. I am reminded every year that endings often become beginnings and beginnings often become endings, but sometimes there is no way of engineering change so that I can avoid the difficult bits. Each season brings moments of joy and sadness. Each year, the church also moves in seasons to tell the stories of joy and our grief and to provide rites and rituals so that we can name and own those parts of our lives that are both happy and difficult.

The church tells time in colour.

We are entering the Season of Advent. The Season of Change and of waiting. Advent is time set aside to enter into the great Mystery of Christmas. We tell stories of Hope, Joy, Peace, Love.

This Season at BDC we are giving worth to the values of Service and Generosity of Spirit.

We are encouraged to support our Christmas Hamper Appeal - a yearly event to acknowledge and offer hope to those in our wider community who are going experiencing tough seasons of life.

Please find all the information about the Christmas Hamper Appeal in the letter that has been sent to all BDC Families. In supporting this, may it bring as much joy and hope and energy to those in our community who are struggling as the rain did to my dry farm.

Peace and every good,
Rev Nic