Chaplain's Chat Term 1 Week 6

Wednesday, 08 Mar 2023
Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness…
— Matthew 4.1

Lent is a time to get ready for the great mystery of Easter.

In the first week of Lent, we hear the story of Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days - a time of testing that reveals Jesus’ true identity. From our own experience, we know that times in the wilderness (real and metaphorical) can be quite challenging and, at the same time, transformative. Perhaps this is the mystery.

Lent is also a time of intentional ‘wilderness or desert’. During Lent, some people choose to give up or take on aspects of life as short-term discipline or a project to remind themselves of their true identity - one who is designed for and created in love. I wonder what things hold us back from showing love. Can we do without them for 40 days? I wonder what things help us to be the most loving version of ourselves. Can we focus on that for 40 days?

Love seems to me to be the most challenging and transformative mystery of all. 

Thank you to those who contributed on pancake day to the earthquake appeal for Türkiye and Northern Syria run by Anglicans in Development (part of the Anglican Board of Mission. Ongoing donations are welcome: 

We are planning to update the fittings in the chapel. The plan is on display in the front office and in this document.

All students, families, and staff are very welcome to gather in the Chapel at 8am Tuesday mornings for our weekly service of Holy Communion.

Chaplaincy Team
Rev Naomi Cooke
Rev Nic Hagon