Character Strength Focus in Primary

Wednesday, 14 Sept 2022

What is gratitude? Gratitude is a positive emotion that involves being thankful and appreciative. Both feeling and expressing gratitude are powerful ways to improve your wellbeing. 

One of the best ways to cultivate more gratitude is to intentionally notice and appreciate what is working well in our lives. For the past two weeks 4L have been learning about how to show gratitude to others.

We made a list of the people at BDC who we think get missed at times and wanted to show our gratitude for what they do for our school. Without these important people, our school would not be what it is today. We created little gratitude videos, morphed them into a big video and sent it to all of the people on our list. 

I wonder if you have shown anyone that you are grateful this week? We are giving the BDC community a challenge for the rest of the term. Make a promise to yourself that you will show appreciation and thanks towards the people who have helped you or have done something for you. By showing gratitude towards others, you will fill their bucket and yours! Enjoy the video we made!

Written by 4L

Open-Mindedness by 3N

In 3N we are open-minded learners. 

We ask questions. 

We listen to others.

We consider other people's points of view. 

We try new things.

We learn something new every single day. 

This year we have worked on a few fantastic projects. Our first project in Term 1 was to develop a Marble Run. Some of our team members had great ideas. We needed to have an open mind, listen to others' suggestions, consider their designs, and ask many questions as a group to build a working marble run. Sometimes open-mindedness is considering other people's points of view or ideas.

In Term 2 we had a big problem! We decided that we really had seen enough rain, and decided to create an all-weather playground for our school using Minecraft for Education. In pairs, we opened our minds and planned, designed and created suitable playgrounds, after a lot of listening, thinking and idea sharing. Sometimes open-mindedness is using creativity to solve a problem.

We are learning to be more open-minded. When we are open-minded learners we grow every day into better people. You can be like us by opening your mind. Just don’t open it so much that your brain falls out!

We had a great time presenting to our school about open-mindedness. We hope that you enjoyed our presentation.



During both Term 2 and 3, we have been lucky enough to have students from Year 4 compete in the FUSE Cup Just Dance competition against other schools, using an online platform. 

Students went through a rigorous trials process, recording scores for 3 different dances. These scores were tallied and then teams were created. Students spent their lunchtime breaks practicing their skills, ready to compete. 

 The FUSE Cup provides school students with a face-to-face, safe, competitive and challenging esports opportunity while also promoting concepts such as Digital Wellbeing, Inclusion and Social Values. Being part of a team and learning how to contribute towards a common goal is a valuable life skill. This is an important aspect of participating in The FUSE Cup which students gain insight into. 

There are 4 overarching values to The FUSE Cup that are the foundation and are in place to ensure that everyone involved enjoys a positive and safe experience that help promote and establish positive gaming habits for younger gamers. These values include integrity, strength, inclusion and teamwork. 

 Congratulations to the following students who have competed for Bishop Druitt College this year: Ella Craig, Jude Wotherspoon, Phoenix Leaver, Sienna Fernon, Stella Jephcott, Emily Juhasz, Gretel Carpenter, Harrison Fogg, Winnie DeJonge, Balreet Atwal, Jackson Bird and Hannah Newberry. Mr Joel Davis and Mrs Kayla Lewis ESports Coaches