Congratulations Class of 2022

Monday, 19 Dec 2022

Creative, determined, accelerated, and extended. Class of 2022 are World Prepared.

The class of 2022 at BDC has had an incredible journey over the years. Our 76 students followed their areas of passion, studying a huge total of 45 courses either on campus, through distance education, or through external TAFE. This is a true display of our alumni forging their pathway in order to be world prepared for their future professions.

Our Director of Student Wellbeing Mrs Sue O’Connor, Year Coordinator Mr Joel Blythe, three counsellors, chaplains and teacher mentors all provided much needed support, and teamed up with the student leadership of ten captains and six house leaders. Our Learning and Teaching team led by myself Craig Verbruggen, Heads of Faculty, expert teaching staff, and Careers Pathway Coach Mrs Gina Driscoll assisted students face-to-face and online over the last two challenging years, and we have seen the drive and determination necessary to succeed in this diverse group of young adults. Extension subjects and accelerated offerings performed incredibly well yet again, with over 63% of scores in the E4 and E3. Creative subjects at BDC shone with a huge number of Band 6’s through languages, creative and performing arts as well as the creative areas of design in textiles and wood.

We go the extra mile at BDC to seek more scholarships, assist with early entries, and provide an environment that nurtures each individual, their creativity, and innovation. We are blessed to have been able to work with and guide these current students and look forward to staying connected with them and their careers as BDC Alumni.

From a cohort of 76 HSC students who completed their HSC this year:

  • 95% of students received at least one Band 4 or above.
  • 50 Band 6 or Notional Band 6/E4 results from the 2022 graduate cohort.
  • 18 Band 5, 6, or E3/E4 results from the Year 11 Accelerated (2023 graduate) cohort.
  • 128 Band 5 and 32 E3 results with 79% of learners achieving at least one Band 5 or 6 result, from the 2022 graduate cohort.
  • 72% of the cohort with Early Entry offers for University.
  • 4 Student Based Apprenticeships or full-time apprenticeships, 3 students heading into external TAFE VET students. 
  • All graduates met for individually tailored career appointments.


  • ARTEXPRESS Nominee - Sienna Biggs 
  • InTech - Nominee Caleb Hart
  • ENCORE - Nominee - Performance - James Rothacker
  • TEXSTYLE 2022 - Nominee Ruby Scott
  • Shape 2022 Nomination - Caleb Hart, Ruby Scott
  • OnStage - Individual Performance - Teo Ross (Stealing Christmas for Dummies) and - Individual Project - Jorgia Young (Scriptwriting)

* Callback

  • Core Composition - Kate Clerkin; Emily Hodges; Teo Ross
  • Core Performance - Kate Clerkin; Emily Hodges; Teo Ross
  • Major Study Performance - Emily Hodges; Teo Ross


  • UNE Vice-Chancellor's High Achievement Prize - Shane Graham / Reece Allen
  • University of Newcastle Scholarship - Eihblin Keefe 
  • SCU Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - Clair Crampton / Brianna Ireland
  • Griffith University Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship - Jorgia Young
  • Bond University Excellence Scholarship - Ellie Gallagher / Matthew Kramer
  • Bond University Vice Chancellor’s Elite Scholarship - Rylee Caruana

ATAR Honour Board

Our students were rewarded by their efforts with ten students (over 13% of cohort) achieving an ATAR in the 90’s. Sienna Biggs, Tegan Byron, Rylee Caruana, Shivanshu Garg, Shanae Graham, Jessica Kerr, Anoushka Pathak, Ruby Scott, Ellyse Walker and Imala Whitlock.

BDC again had a significant number of students on the distinguished achievers’ list (Band 6 or E4). A Band 6 is a score between 90-100%. 


Four Band 6 or equivalent (E4 or notional Band 6) were achieved by Sienna Biggs, Ruby Scott (2x Band 5), 


Three Band 6 or equivalent were achieved by Ellie’s Walker (2x Band 5 or E3), Imala Whitlock (1x Band 5), 


Two Band 6’s or equivalent were achieved by Tegan Byron (2x E3 and 3x Band 5), Anoushka Pathak (3x Band 5), Thomas Rhodes (2x Band 5 or E3), Rylee Caruana (2 Band 6 and 3x Band 5), Marley Crook (1x E3), Shanae Graham (5x Band 5 or E3), Caleb Hart (1x Band 5), Jessica Kerr (1x Band 5), Rosie Smart (1x E3), Mia Follett (2x Band 5 or E3).


Mikal Tesfamariam (3x Band 5 or E3), Aoife Cronin (2x Band 5 or E3), Hannah Barron (2x Band 5), Matilda Close (1x Band 5), Felicity Evans (3x Band 5), Ellie Gallagher (4x Band 5 or E3), Emily Hodges (3x Band 5), Mitchell Lucock, Phoebe O’Grady (1x Band 5), Tomika Orme (3x Band 5), James Rothacker (4x Band 5), Maya Savage (4x Band 5 or E3), Teo Ross (2x Band 5), and Connor Maybury (1x Band 5).


Furthermore, our Accelerated students in Year 11 had some fantastic achievements in Mathematics Advanced and Mathematics Extension 1 high potential and gifted pathway, as well as Business Studies and Studies of Religion 2. Joshua Lim received a Band 6 and E3, while Nick Alford, Ruby Couper, Angus Dugard, Tilly Howard, and Sukhvir Khunkhun all achieved an E3 and Band 5 in Mathematics and Extension 1. Stefanie Bataglia and Anna Nixon received Band 6’s in Business Studies, and a Band 5 for Kaleah Doherty. Macushla Brennan, Beth Hayes, and Ruby Richards all received Band 5 results in Studies of Religion II.

Other high achievers included Shivanshu Garg and Alexis Martin with all Band 5 and E3 results, Georgina Davis with 5x Band 5 or E3, Cosmo Elley, Reece Allen, Briana Ireland, Matthew Kramer, Finlay Lamont, Jorgia Young and Mali Doyle with 4 Band 5 or E3, Kate Clerkin, Jackson Hibbard, Jack Johnson, Eibhlin Keefe, Meg Parker-Reynolds, Jaclyn Bell, Nikita Martin, Abdullah Abdulqadir and Imogen Grebert with 3x Band 5, Mallary Cratchley, Jessica Joice and Ruby Ensbey with 2x Band 5, Claire Crampton Maggie McEvoy, Kiara Searle, Layla Riddle, and Mahayla Gardner, Keira Williams, Erin Wilson with 1x Band 5.