Congratulations to Connor McMillan who's major work was selected in the top 40 NSW pieces from 1201 major projects across the state

Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022

Congratulations to Connor McMillan who’s major work was selected to be exhibited in the top 40 NSW pieces from 1201 major projects across the state.

The textile project is a red, white and blue silk taffeta jacket with a galaxy painted lining, the back of the jacket consists of hand-embroidered and beaded star constellations, and hand blanket stitched initials on the shoulders. 

"The jacket itself is inspired by David Bowie, Sir Elton John and space. The main ideas of the inspirations used in the jacket where the coat David bowie wore on the album cover of "earthling", galaxies in space and the initials stitched on the back of Sir Elton John's jackets from the farewell tour." said Connor.

Connor is one of 40 who were shortlisted out of 1201 major works across the state. Connor is the only male finalist. 

Please enjoy this video of all our Student Exhibitors and their incredible work. Congratulations to Connor’s incredible teacher Deahne Rushforth - who we all know is a gun! Connor’s piece is at 2.52 on the linked video.

Student Exhibitors and their Major Textile Projects